Thursday, July 01, 2004

Com to Me

I'm having a break now which means I have enough time to ramble, ramble, ramble.

I miss the good old days when I received a new e-mail from a friend everyday. Damn I even missed the time when I received letters from friends. Now, I only receive spam. I keep receiving spam from someone who wants me to have a bigger penis. There are also those who has this subject Re:Hi and the next thing you see when you open the message are nubile girls in various states of undress. It is common to see mail with advices and suggestion for finance restructuring and loans and even insommia. I guess at the rate I am reading those mail, I would properly need that! I keep marking the e-mail as 'spam' everytime that stupid Microsoft Outlook filter doesn't seem to work against these things. The spams are getting smarter and smarter. Sometimes, I dream of murdering spammers. Lock them up in a room with no windows and played piped in Hokkien songs non stop! Well that will really be torturous!

My computer died on me a week back. It didn't even say its last goodbyes. When I started the computer, it was silent, less the cpu fan which was stuttering. After a couple of attempt of CPR (Computer Personal Revival), I declared it "dead". I sweated a couple of perspiration and "tears". My 6000 words essay was in the hard disk and I can't retrieve it!! Argh. Lucky for me, I was able to enlist the help of our capable TA Mr Chen and he was able to fix it by getting a new motherborard and cpu. 300+ dollars gone. And after restarting everything, I realised I got the cursed sasser virus! That is the one who reboot your computer over and over again, and if that's bad, I got the spybot virus, the one that track every keystroke on the keyboard. The stupid Norton Antivirus kept prompting that they can't delete the file and can't remove the virus. I don't know what kind of virus it is. It's a sly one, I must say. I don't know where I get these things. I don't even use my computer 90 percent of the time. Most of the time it stared back at me when I go to bed. Anyway it took me a couple of days to finally rectify it. Anyway it also seem that my firewall doesn't work against these things known as adware, you know those stupid pop-ups which are screaming for attention. I found the perfect solutions for it , two excellent shareware which is downloadable namely, ad-aware and zone alarm It will make your computer a la-Troy, unless if you get overly complacent!

With that I will like to end today 2.10 worth of comments with a little comment from an ex student.
ex student #48291: Intriguing reads you have here, Mr Ng! It is quite a breather from all those tasteless schoolgirlish blogs I see dominating the online journal community these days.
Although I hope u are under the impression that by declaring ur blog public, u allow urself to fall under the vicious scrutiny of a large number of gossip-hungry beings that are ur IJ girls.

Firstly I would like to express my thanks to this girl who have "spoken". As I mentioned in my first blog I wanted something different for my blog, which account for the refreshing approach that will differ from the "those tasteless schoolgirlish blogs...dominating the online journal community these days" But I guess that reading things from a teacher's perspective is something new to a student as you will see a different aspect of me. I also understand that I will also be in vicious scrutiny but let's put it this way, we can't please everyone. This is also to my girls who had received nasty or even vicious comments on their tagboards. It served nobody's interest to continue the flaming when you don't even know who that fellow is. It is up to the reader to decide his/her take on the issue. And as the term blog mean, it is YOUR own web log where you share your take on certain issues and it is to be true to yourself that you need to be bothered about.

With that, shoot me down! :P

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