Monday, March 16, 2009

The One with the wisdom tooth extraction

I have been feeling enormous pain when I eat.  After month of procrastination, I decided to visit a dentist to see what's wrong.  I havent visit a dentist for years.  And I have this irrational fear of a going to the clinic.  Sitting inside the dentist chair  My worst fears were confirmed when the dentist that I have to extract my wisdom tooth.  The tooth is already decaying badly and that's why it is causing so much pain.  Pain clouded my rationality and i decided to have a minor operation.  That tun out to be a really harrrowing experience.  The drilling, the cutting, the cracking of the tooth that typify the 1 hour ordeal was really a mind opener for me.  I have never felt pain like this ( other than the time when I dislocated my right arm then again it is a different type of pain)
 Now with a bloated left cheek and difficulty eating, i guess this is the best opportunity for me to go on my liquid diet plan..