Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The One with the Wake

This was the type of gathering with ex colleagues that I would never like to attend. An ex-colleague husband passed away in a freak sailing accident. Upon receiving the sms early yesterday morning, I was still in a state of disbelief, thinking if it might be an early april fool joke. My doubts were confirmed with an sms from another ex-colleagues who certified the piece of information.

The evening was spent at St Joseph Church, Many of my ex colleagues whom I have not seen for months were there. But the expressions were solemn. As I walked to the altar to pay my respect, there cut a forlorn figure. Her expressions were hollow and she looked extemely pale. We did not exchange any words, but rather I extended out my arms and hug her, telling her that everything will be fine. In that few seconds, I can only feel her hold tightening and i could sense the sadness she had.

It was sad to see her in that state, for she was always the bubbly, fun loving colleague who dont mind being poked fun at. I guess those who were there especially the throes of ex-students, friends would be saddened to see her in this state. It was nice to see her ex students of so many batches who made the effort to come to the wake at such short notice. I believed her late husband would be comforted by the fact that she will be cared by the many still around.

Maybe it was the general mood, maybe it was the venue, but most of us were seated silently. A flurry exchange of words, and of course questions on the cause of death. Many present were just as puzzled as me, and the conversations got more confusing and left many more questions. But then seriously what is the point of pursuing this since it is all over? The dead is gone, it is most important how the living continue to live. Knowing the school, they will give support to her to get her to tide over this. I know it is difficult and painful to lose a loved one, albeit in such a sudden way. All I pray is that she will be able to be strong for her 3 children, and be strong for those who have loved and comforted her.

(PS for those who would like to attend the wake, please do so before thursday)