Saturday, March 17, 2007

The One about the hiatus

I have not blogged for almost a month. I guess I am just caught up with my work and of course my family. Blogging had become secondary to what I am doing now. Hopefully now I will be able to find the renewed zest to blog again.

Even though I have not been blogging, I have been keeping myself updated with the blogs of my students and my fellow teacher comrade-in-arms. Just to put down some random thoughts for the past 1 month...

1) CNY
This year my preparation of almost 60 angpows came to a waste as there were less than 10 Ij ex-students who were able to visit me during that period. Blame it on the JC common test schedule which was right after the CNY. Guess I will be keeping all the angpows for next year.

2) My frustrations with work so far
Surprisingly the new term had actually started pretty well and I am having an "enjoyable" time with my new 5N form class. Perhaps it is the maturity of the kids ( yah it take them 5 years in a neighbourhood school to be considered mature) I didnt really enjoy my sec2 form class last year. found it extrememly difficult to communicate to them. But I am glad that this year had set out on the right footing. I have come to terms with the fact that i have a new reporting officr and so far our relationship have been amiable to say the least. I am looking at this collaboration as strictly professional and will be glad to see the end of it the sooner of next year.

I guess that all I have to update for now... Let hope the momentum will be sustained..