Saturday, April 29, 2006

The One with Vernice

Too tired to blog. Was awake the whole night waiting for my little princess to come and she finally did, with much hesitation at 6.22 am this morning. Would blog about it when I get my well deserved sleep.

Looking at her again, all this is just worth it.

Hi everyone, this is vernice

Friday, April 28, 2006

Vernice is coming out today!!
(Latest news!!!!!)

(sing to the tune of "Raindrops keep falling on my head")

Vernice is coming out today
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
She is not going to fit
Vernice is coming out today, she is coming
So I just say

Did me some talkin' to the sun
And I said I didn't like the date she come
Too early too fast

Vernice is coming out today, she is coming
So I just say

But there's one thing I know
She is going to bring so much joy to my home
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Vernice is coming out today, she is coming
So I just say, So I just say

Sorry people, got to rush to the hospital now.... would keep u people informed.... :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The One with the letter to Vernice

Dear daughter Vernice,

It seems like yesterday that we met each other through the sonogram of the gynae’s office. And there you were barely centimeters long. At that time I marvel at the miracle of life, of something so beautiful. As I see you growing, the pride and anticipation grows. In another few day, my months of anticipation will finally come to a close. I will be able to touch your little fingers and toes and cuddle you in my arms.

As you learn to talk, and walk; and as you starts to show your happiness and frustrations through your emotions and actions, I will be there to witness those magical moments. Sometimes I may not be there to witness that, but rest assured that I will always be a part of your growing process.

Before you come to our family, I just want to tell you how thankful I am to have you in my family. I am sure that you will bring countless joys and happiness to the family.

I must say that I ,like all kia su parents, have so much hope and aspirations. The world you are coming to is one that is full of excitement and expectations. As a daddy I have so much big plans for you. And I know that you would feel that you have this heavy weight of our expectations on you. I want you to share my values, and to do things that I have never been able to do.

But thinking back, I was wondering whether I have been trying to fulfil some childhood dreams in you. I see a part of me in you and I wonder if it would be fair to you. You are going to be different and unique, but most importantly you are going to be you. I realized that I want you to grow up to be happy, to be confident and to be the person you are always meant to be.

Sometimes, amidst all my expectations of you, I asked myself whether I would be a good father to you. I asked myself whether I would be able to live up to your expectations. Will I be too busy to watch your first step, to hear you mouth your first words, to go to your school and watch your first school performance; will I be too stressed out to forget about your birthday, to attend your graduation, to go for the parent teachers dialogue; will I be too tired out to help you with your school projects and assignments, to help you in your revisions, to hear you out on your tiffs with your classmates and to answer your neverending inquisitive queries; will I be too tied up with work to bring you to the zoo or parks or to build sandcastles on the beaches?

Somewhere down the road, I may do things that you will feel that I don’t love you anymore. Sometime you may do things that will make me upset with you. But do remember that just like you who is first time growing up and me first time daddy, we both have some learning and adjusting to do. It would be a wonderful journey for you and me that I can’t wait to embark.

You are my precious and I will always love you.

Yours Lovingly,

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The One about the three comments

Comment #1
A colleague came back to the staffroom, plonked the laptop and teaching materials on the table and remarked: "I am half dead". What struck me about this comment was that how can a person be half dead when one can only be either dead or alive. So if one is half dead, then is one dead?

Food for thought...

Comment #2
Talking about promotions, a colleague lamented that getting GEO1A2 is about the highest most sec teachers can get. The SEO rank will have to wait for a long time after one get the GEO grade. This colleague commented that since that is the way, then we should just work the minimum and ensure that we get just a "C". Another colleague added that if one just get a "C", the salry will just progress slowly and soon hit the "C"eiling.


Comment #3
A friendly conversation at the canteen brought about an interesting discussion on different viewpoints. In our usual-coffee-break-breakfast banter, Colleague A remarked that the students were sitting in the area designated for teachers. Just FYI, this area consists of circular metal cafe like coffee table and matching metal beach patio chairs, unlike the boring tuckshop long benches and chairs. Actually i was ok about this since there were no teachers using the tables and chairs until colleague A mentioned that this should not be allowed and that if this is not communicated to the students and teachers the students will abuse the system. Personally I adopte the Singapore's "NO-U turn" mentality. Let's be alittle flexible about it and give the students a break (literally and figuratively).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The One about Alert Amber

This have been a helluva week for me, I am so busy that I have neglecting my blog and of course my family. I was on MSN and was chatting with a former student when i use the term "busy like hell" which of course in my philosophical reflection, got me thinking... IS hell busy? if it is so what are they busy with? Setting papers like me, doing all the work in the various committees or just going the extra mile helping the students?

On a different note, a handphone ring and/or vibration will startle me. Not that I am over stressed, but just that my precious baby daughter will be coming to this world within these few days. Her due date is actually on 4 May but the gynae mentioned that she might decided to pop by any time now. Actually my wife and me wanted her to try to "pop" by during these day for there are many significances

22 April 2006 - the date my grandmom passed away. it willreally be a tribute to her (Alas too late)
29 April 2006 - the date of our ROM ( possible)
1 May 2006 - What a way to celebrate labour day with labour itself ( possible)
4 May 2006 - the actual day, inference - daughter is very punctual ( possible)
6 May 2006 - Polling day - to celebrate the continual dominance of PAP or to highlight a possble opposition upset? ( possible)

Actually amidst all the stress and running around, i am actually very excited about my new addition to the family. That's why now I am effectively on code Amber, anytime when my wife activate me, SOS and you will see me running into a telephone booth and change into my blue tights and red underwear outside, for i will have to rush to pick my wife.

If you see a metalic light blue lancer with car plate SFMXXXX, these few days and it seems to be defying the speed of sound, it is probably me rushing to send my wife to hospital to welcome the new addition. Do give way K?

The Ego One

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The One about my work desk

In my own deprecating nature, I present to you the pristine state of a "genius" at work ( well they always associated genius with untidiness)

And this is only my fourth month there. Sigh!

At least I can see my tabletop.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The One about Cynicism

I got my first dose of cynicism from a colleague which I had never spoken to prior to today. Anyway it was about a programme that I introduced in the school. Sometimes stuck in the middle is like the chicken platter in a Mcdonald McChicken.

Brought the earth tumbling down and the stars falling from the sky.

Welcome to the real world. :)

Don't worry I will be fine...

I will survive. As a KAH, I am as enthusiastic as an energiser bunny and this will carry me through the troubles and the caustic waves of sarcasm. My bruised ego will go on.

The Ego One

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The One about Power Possible Corrupts

It is weird how power can actually change a person's perspective about things. For in reflecting at some of the things that was happenign, I am struck with this revelation. If this post don’t make sense to you, you are not alone. I am also not sure what I was trying to convey from this.

Before I make the decision to move away from my comfort zone to take on a new challenge, an ex-colleague gave me words of advice. She told me to always remember that “power changes people”. (Actually She mentioned that power corrupts people. But I decide to be politically correct about this) She lamented that people tends to see things in the Big picture when one is vested with power and will choose to neglect those who made up the little pieces in the jigsaw. She hope that I will remember what she said and I have to say that I had dutifully put this as my work mantra.

The role as you climb up the corporate ladder is a delicate, ball-juggling responsibility that requires altruism, sanity and most importantly responsibility. It is not easy to manage peoples’ expectations and yet at the same time trying to negotiate and find peace in the decision that one had to make, regardless of how unpopular it may be. But then again as a middle manager, that is our role, stuck in the middle, macro-managing and yet micro-organising at the same time.

At times I am worried about losing sight of what I want, with the avalanche of work and responsibility. However I relished the challenges of looking at things in a different perspective, and to use the power to realize what I can do. Ultimately we are here as teachers, for students, not just administrator for customers.

I just have to remember to constantly look for my blind spots when I turn. I just hope people will remind me when I if one day engulfed by the lust for power. :)

Your thoughts?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The One with a bad news to share

I am writing this hurried post as I have approximately 3 minutes to spare. I received a piece of bad news from a friend that a friend of mine had lost her baby. It shocked me for Her little precious was supposed to come to this world approximately the same time as my baby Vernice. My heart went out to her as I know how it feel to lose a loved one. The dead baby was induced from her on Saturday and she is now recuperating at home. I know deep down inside she must have felt horrible.... I know no amount of words can make her feel better. I hope that all who read this post will pray for her, for her baby, for her family and hope that she will have the strength to cope.

The Ego One