Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The One with the SICK

I am down with flu, and a sexy voice. Topping that, I have this irritating itchy throat which make this annoying cough with saliva all over the classrooms that i visited today. As a result of my casual manner of leaving watery evidence all over place, I got a file of peons who are coughing all the way. Thus I decided to see the doctor in case I incapacitated the entire teaching communtiy in my school.

Many of the teachers in the school are also in a similar state as me. The absenteeism rate for the teachers had not reached a point for cause of concern. On an average , the gungho teachers in the school are really trying their best to come to school to deliver the lessons. Never mind the coughing, never mind the flu, the sniffing of the noses and the sneezing. Most important, the students have to be taught and lessons still goes on.

Serious there are times I wondered not at why the teachers are falling sick, but why the management dont realise that there are so many sick cases because of things in the school. I came back from my reservist and was immediately struck by the low morale and negativity in the school. Yes low morale do breed low immunity which lead to sickness and illness and of course lead to MC.

Colleagues are happy to see me, for I do try to see myself as someone to lighten the mood and lift the morale. I made nonsensical remarks, send words of encouragement and concern, and most importantly sharing a joke or two. I guess I am more of a people person and enjoy the fact that i can make a difference in a person life, even that of a stressed teacher. Management are too high up in their helicopter view, middle management are too caught up in the middle to please everyone. well someone have to do the work to lift the morale. If someone have to do it, why don't I be the one?

Wish me luck! (even though I may be giving the impression to many people that I have nothing better to do...)

Friday, January 26, 2007

The One with the flu

They said laughter is infectious

so is the damn flu

damn the SAF protocol of getting the IPPT 2.4km run to be done within an hour after completing the static stations. It is certainly not cool to run in the drizzle. And it is certainly not cool to be down with the damn flu...
The one about the end of a relationship

I have this weird sense of separation depression. but then again who doesn't ? you know when you feel unrationally upset when you are throwing away the stack of history notes from university, or when you have to discard the old t-shirt which you had worn or the old swatch watch which can no longer tell greenwich time. i guess i am what people call as the old school romantic, those who just have the needy sense of trying to hold on to the past so as to make sense in the future. As I said it was plainfully obvious (to others) that my feel is not going to be reciprocated.

As a loyal M1 customer, I had always stuck by them since they started business in singapore. Being one of the first few to hop onto the already defunct CDMA network and carrying the obiang sony cdma phone, I have been a loyal customer who bunked at the idea of total corporate bigots and of course a cool supporter of the "david vs the goliath" thingy.

Recently I was tempted by the new MIO plan that was offered by Singtel. After watching the news, the various advertisements on tv and papers and much intense research on the net and numerous phonecall to friends, supporters and detractors alike. I was half tempted to "jump ship" to take up a singtel line since I am already a singnet user and I do have a residental line at home. However there was this sentimental part of me to end this relationship. I was hoping to get the telco to make an attempt to at least try to keep me by enticing me with offers such as hp upgrades etc. ( it works for the credit card annual fees) Thus in a last bid to save the relationship, I gave a phone call to M1 customer service.

M1: Hi this is XXX, welcome to M1, how may i assist you?

Me: Hi, I was wondering if I were to switch to singtel what is the procedure?

( seconds of anticipation..... the desperate need to be hold back...)

M1: oh it is actually quite simple sir, may i know if you have any contract left with M1?

Me: No actually, I was actually in two minds whether to continue with a new M1 contract or to move to a new service provider

M1: oh i see, to move to singtel is actually quite simple, all you have to do is to terminate the line with m1 and sign up with singtewl.

Me: But i am unwilling to give up my present number, can i keep this number?

M1: yes you can , there is this number port system which will trransfer all the call to your new number, it is quite hassle free. sir would you like me to terminate this line for you?

Me: let me think about it thanks

M1: Thanks for calling M1. Have a nice day..

I ended the phone call, "heartbroken" especially hearing those such "callous" remarks, such heartlessness. Aall my loyalty and my devotion all gone to waste. I have to say I am "hurt" by the comments, how superficial this relationship is..... especially after standing by them for the past 6 years or so...

Anyway I am now sporting a new K800i phone, you can still reach me on my M1 number, but you will receive a sms or call from me in another weird number, yah that is my new singtel line.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The One with the Red Tape

As a head/middle management, what is most frustrating is that the seemingly helplessness that one encountered when implementing policies and programmes. Perhaps it is the general culture of the school but there was no delegation of power. Many a time, we are merely carrying out the wishes of the establishment to carry out certain ideas and plans, as mindless pawns to shout out command to our teachers. And the irritating thing is that we are perceived by the teachers as being indecisive when we do know what are the things to be done.

The frustrating thing about being a middlemanagement - you can't have a meeting with your members until you clear it with the upper management. How is that for red tape?

Sigh... things just can't be done when my hands are tied....

Monday, January 08, 2007

The One with the overwhelming feeling

This is day 1 of week 2. And I already have this sinking feeling of this "pig"usting year. The term had started expectedly hectic and there were deadlines, workplan, action palns, schemes of work, schedules of implementation and of course te whole hurrah of meeting new students, setting the tone, setting the expectations, collecting of money, marking of attendance, collecting of holiday assignments, dealing with errant cases. I have already been leaving school at close to 7 pm. I guess more to come soon. And the list goes on and on...

After the -what-i-thought-was-a-damn-hectic-year honeymoonly first year in school, I was mildly shocked to see myself with a bountiful of responsibilities and new appointment for the year 2007. Infact I felt like being hit by an avalanche of tasks which no doubts have given me something really no time to think about. Let me just spelt out my workload and responsibilties for the purpose of proper documentation for workreview in afew time. I am teaching 4 levels- sec 1 history, 3 ss/history, 4 ss/history and 5 ss/history. with sec 1 being something entirely new to me and sec 3 with a change of syllabus, i am actually doing 5 preparations and almost for only 1 class in each level. Given that sec 5 is our school flagship, i am entrusted with the holy responsibility of getting decent results for the combined humanities. As for the sec 4, they are the best for the subject combination, and thus I am expected to produce the distinctions. Phew!

to further nurture my skills as a form teacher, I am given a sec 5 class as my form class. And of course to make me more student oriented I am also thrusted into one of the more high profile ccas. To dvelop my people managment skills, I am given 8 committees, heading 2 of them.

I guess if i dont screw up and survive this year, I should eb able to get a pretty decent grade for my ranking and also a fat bonus next year..

If i survive...... :(

The Ergo One