Friday, June 01, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am leaving to Yunnan in about 26 hours time. Rest assured it is not migration.
It is the obligatory fieldtrip that I have to do as a middle management. This year i was throw the mantle of being the overall in charge of the fieldtrip to Lijiang china, taking care of almost 37 students and also 4 of my colleagues who have so courageously joined me either out of duty, or pity.

Months of hard work, ding-dong over the choice of teacher chaperones and almost many changes to the teachers going, I am finally embarking on my trip, rest assured that my teachers are all ready to go. I remember 2 years back I was supposed to go on a fieldtrip to Yunnan with the Ij girls but had to pull out the last minute as I was really sick then. It seems like it had gone 1 round backa nd 2 years back I am going back to China again, albeit in another school, with a new set of colleagues and a new group of student from a new school.

I realised I was really getting nostaglic as I typed the post, but do rest assured I am happily settled in my new school. I have found new friends and confidantes in my new colleagues who do shared the same passion as I. It is so weird that after gripeing about it for almost a year ago, I am now really to just move on and continue to do my best for the school and for the students.

I have a different set of students as my form class, the 5N which is the flagship for our results in the O level. management do really have a lot of confidence in me, and I must say that it was a really eye opener to try to motivate and work with students which is in my opinion, trying in ability and attitude. These few days I was in and out of the P office as my perennial underachievers were given the mandatory meet the principal session with their parents. Tears shed, angry words exchange and the unfolding of family melodrama within the small cubicle of the Principal office. It was emotionally draining sessions one after another as my co form and I stepped in and out of the P office again. deep down we hope the scolding would turn them around.

Tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary, and it is hurting to leave my wifey and baby. But responsibility is responsibility. As I dust off my luggage and backpack, and started the process of packing, i prayed that the next 7 days would be smooth sailing...