Tuesday, March 30, 2004

An interview with the Great One

( Updated )

Well perhaps "inspired" by lovely 3/4 girls from IJ 2004, I decided to start this whole loads of nonsensical blabbering. I still harbour the hope of providing a service to the net community by providing them with a readied species of an overworked teacher so as to allow them to examine his deranged mind. Let's hope that more about me and my 2.10 cents worth of comments ( inclusive of GST) can cast more light on my behaviour outside and in class. And if you are going to ask why know all about me... hm.. that's a tough one. Maybe just look around for all the personal websites and blogs and you would see no end of people with the need to express themselves. I have choose to do this in the form of the interview. Me as the interviewer and the interviewee.. Hm actually quite moronic ... maybe a taste of things to come... :P

I : Who are you?
Me: That's Mr Ng for you, don't pray-pray...

I: What do you do for a living?
Me: I used to be a poor teacher, teaching History and Mathematics and CME and PC and Social Studies {phew!!) in CHIJ Secondary Toa Payoh. Now I am still the poor teacher who decided to stretch his humanly limit by taking on the Subject Head (History) position in Yishun Town Secondary School.

I decided that this is the best thing in my life by being a teacher and "ruined" the future generation. Selling pirated VCDs is my second profession.

I : What are you?
Me: From the purely biological and anthropological point of view, a homosapien, nothing more than that.

I : So, beside a homosapien, who are you?
Me: Well, if you really have to know, I am better known as the teacher formerly known as "Alec Ng", but I guess I outgrown that stage.

I: Where do you live?
Me : Hah, bet you'd like to know that, wouldn't you? I'm not a big fan of letter bombs as they tend to kill people. So I am not going to tell you exactly where I live.

I'm not paranoid, not when I know you are out to get me.

I: OK, where on earth do you stay?
Me : From a Scientology point of view, as a temporary resident of this planet, I chose to land in Singapore. It had the best airport and the best char kway Teow.

I: So, Alec, have you ever considered other professions?
Me : I guess the other professions never crossed my mind though there was a point of time I was really keen of going into full time theatre, or maybe be a radio deejay, but I guess the very fact that I ended in NIE meant that I have outgrown those interests. But I am still keen to be a theatre actor or even a deejay. Any "lobangs" or openings? Becoming a stand-up comic is also a career option, but my girls commented that my jokes stink. :P (Seriously, I see it as a lack of appreciation for the fine arts)

I : Well, Alec, so how old are you?
Me : A year older than last year. If you have to know.

I: Why create a blog?
Me : Well I am just curious how resourceful my girls are before they got to read these blogs. It had always been my interest to create something which will allow me to blabber on myself and things that I find worth discussing. Personally it is my organ of showing my emotions. I did try to get a website done but my memory is failing me as I can't remember the password to update it..

I: What have you been doing in the last 10 years?
Me : After spending my last four years in the National University of Singapore, making lecturers' lives hell, learning about Lee Kuan Yew, Leopold II and company, agonising on the merits of Stalin and Hitler, and the beauty of military warfare and baroque art, I enrolled in the National Institute of Education for my diploma in Education. Found some time to marry though. After my wondrous time in CHIJ(Toa Payoh) Secondary plying my trade as a History and Mathematics teacher, I decided to challenge myself in a new environment. I am still terrorising lecturers as I am also doing my Masters as a part time student *Sigh*

I : Any favourite topic in history?
Me : Any thing that have to do with blood and gore will certainly appeal to me, though history of the sexes come in a close second...and please no chick flicks

I : Just a trivial question...Why did the chicken cross the road?
Me : Interesting question, looking it from historical context or a geographical context, it doesn't make any sense why the chicken cross the road...

I : Any interests?
Me : Well I was involved in theatre for a while but I stopped a few years back. Anyone who want to chat with me are welcome to do so. Just try to look for me on ICQ and MSN messenger . I love new age and world music and soundtracks. I spend quite a fortune acquiring CDs, few hundreds of them. By the way, like most guys I love soccer and my favourite club is Manchester United of England. Sorry if that really pissed you off...

I : When is this FAQ going to end?
Me: U are still reading this, aren't you?

It is out of consideration for some visitors that the page is long. Some of you are accessing this at home, telling your parents that this is for research of some project thingy. It must look "official" or look like "reference material". So there you have it.

I: Seriously when is this FAQ going to end?
Me: Soon.

But when you sleep tonight, you will suffer a flashback. You will experience it all over again but in psychedelic colours and THX, surround, SDDS sound in a dream by Dreamworks!

See that little X on the box at the top right hand corner of the screen? Click on it once and... it will go away. Remember to bookmark the blog first though.

I: So how do I get in touch with you?
Me : You want to touch me? Sure or not?

E-mail me at mrng@teacher.com
Feel free to ask me questions. If I don't reply, don't worry, there is nothing wrong with your email or mine, just that I don't feel like replying. Some comments may be added to this page. Then again, they may not. If they are not, most probably they are not worth mentioning. Just don't feel bad about yourself.