Sunday, August 17, 2008

The thing about the performer streak

About a month back, the school ahd its own version of a Singapore Idol thingy where students are allowed to showcase their talents and perform in the school hall. the performance was entitled "The Big Bang" and what a bang it was for the teachers as we were told to put a performance by department. This was quite like the CHIJ Youth Day where teachers perform to the delight of the students. Anyway I happen to see this clip on youtube and decide it is worth trying something like this as part of the department performance. And here the fruit of our labour..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The thing about the  Mountain

so my big plans about scaling the mountain did not materialise :p
for the uninitiated, the july and early august period is an unsettling time for the teachers and the management.  This is when the annual opening posting starts and teachers are free to job hop in the big merry go round.  This is also the time, where negotiation between the schools management and the teachers take place, either to keep/"enslave" them for a long period in the promise of better job conditions, promotion, more /less responsibilities.  It is also a reality check for the teachers to see how highly the school valued you.  If you could see the management getting overly upset, using all sort of hard and soft persuasion and going into withdrawal syndrome because of your impending departure, congrats you must have done something really worthwhile in the lives of the students or in the lives of the management.
to be totally honest, i did venture to some interviews with a couple of schools.  It was more of a chance to hone my interview skills and to check if I would be able to do it in a brand new environment.  However the sad thing is that I am not able to leave as an appointment holder.  To cut the long story short, every teacher had a certain potential coming into the profession, it decrease with age and increase with the sweat and toil, and your ability to adjust and cope with the challenges that were given to the teacher.  sadly i dont have a high potential, at least not high enough to leave as a head of department.  Shocking isnt it? Not about why i have a low potential but how did i know about the school evaluation of me.. well that is the beauty of technology..
In fact i am not bitter about how things turn out, for I dont need others to determine my self worth. :)  What will not kill me, will make me stronger. :)
I guess I am kind of an optimist in this fashion.  Maybe...