Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We are that blogger...

Find this interesting and meaningful. My take and my bit of contribution on the meme

Who are you?

I'm that guy who believe in love at first sight. It meant literally I fall in love with anyone, anything (*gasp) in my JC years.

I'm that guy who rushed to his girlfriend's place during his NS days before going home.

I'm that guy who girls used to say I am great as a friend but never as a boyfriend

I'm that guy who never pass a single Add Maths Test in Sec 3 and now end up teaching Add Maths (*gasp)

I'm that guy who decided to study Arts in NUS after his GP tutor said his Engrish is too bad to be an arts student. And the best part was that he got a C6 for GP and end up graduating with Honours in History.

I'm that guy who love trivialities and where can you find them most other than history?

I'm that guy who still fear thrill rides and horror movies.

I'm that guy who will just burst into tears when I hear Collin Raye "Love Me" for it remind me of my late grandparents who love me so much.

I'm that guy who did AEP bcause it seems like a soft option. I realised the folly of my decision during the preparation of my AEP project in Sec 4.

I'm that guy who learnt pottery during AEP lessons as he was inspired by the movie "Ghost"

I'm that guy who love and feel the need to control.

I'm that guy that hates economics - micro and macro inclusive.

I'm that guy who has no recollection of his JC life because he choose to forget that painful times.

I'm that guy that hates smokers, for it is was smoking that took the life of his beloved grandmom.

I'm that guy who spend hours , day after day in the VS AEP studio, and even have a set of personal keys.

I'm that guy who in a fit of craziness, taught his form class how to dance to the beat of "hey Baby"

I'm that guy who will watch re-runs and re-re-runs of "Friends", because it is hard to let go.

I'm that guy who is too over sentimental and emotional. I am also the one who will keep 4 years worth of teachers' day presents eventhough half of them are just ornamental pieces which don't seem to be in place with any place in my house.

I'm that guy who decided to be a teacher because he had a crush on his History teacher. She was not really pretty but she has this "air" around her that was "intoxicating".

I'm that guy who tried to please everyone and end up asking "who will please me?"

I'm that guy who thinks friends are important.

I'm that guy who wants to be a perfectionist.

I'm that guy who thought that first love was going to last. But it didn't and I have to watch the musical "Cats" alone for we broke up just an hour earlier.

I'm that guy who end up dating only NJ girls (*gasp)

I'm that guy who used to be so cheapskate that he will will buy his girlfriend a brand new walkman (that was the in thing then) and refused to get his sister one.

I'm that guy who buys computer games but never complete them.

I'm the guy that had mood swings and it is not even periodic like some women.

I'm that guy that people called the SNAG but is actually someone who needs to go for an operation to get his oversensitive tear ducts repaired.

I'm that guy who used to think acting was so cool and perform in a couple of drama productions. I used to have aspirations of starting my own drama company, "Light Theatre".

I'm that guy who still harbour a desire to perform again.

I'm that guy who people called "Cheena". It didn't help when you are in the CLDDS and you come to a school where students love to criticise your Engrish pronounciation.

I'm that guy who has been so chivalrous and spend the date as late as he possibly could, send the girl who lives in Jurong by the way and ran after the very last Number 154 bus, so that he could take the very last Number 153 back to Toa Payoh, so that he did not have to take a cab or pay the midnight surcharge (because he can't afford it).

I'm that guy who used to believe his love affair will be liken to a romantic fairy tale love story. and by that, I don't mean the draggy and incestuous Korean love dramas.

I'm that guy who think that it is ok to just "go" when you have fulfilled your purpose in life.

I'm that guy who thought of the perfect name for his unborn child, and one who will be terrible upset if "it" is not a girl.

I'm that guy who will share about the different styles and cultures of funerals of the different dialect groups during wakes.

I'm that guy who people love to hate

I'm that guy who find it easy to love

I'm that guy who find it hard to let go

Yeah, I'm that person. Who are you?

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