Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Intensive revision and the sinkinng feeling of feeling unappreciated

The life of a Secondary Four teacher can be especially stressful.. ESPECIALLy during the last few months of the year. After the inital months of bonding, getting the class motivated, dealing with parents who were unduly worried about their daughters ending up in M.I or any of the C.I (no offence), the last few months schedule read like a page from a businessman's filofax. It goes something like this.

August - September Rush through the remaining syllabus, prepare the prelim examination papers
September - October Invigilation aka one pair of eyes staring at forty paris of eyes staring at the examination papers, marking of examination scripts
October - intensive revision churning out result slips, thinking about testimonial to write
October - November testimonials writing

And there you goes, a year has passed and the routine continued..
no wonder people are leaving the profession. ( Rumours that Mr Eric Tan is going to quit teaching and sell chicken rice at Novena, I am not so sure.. chicken rice.. not really lucrative.. prawn mee hm... maybe)

As a SS teacher, although it is a COMPULSORY subject... the level of interest for this subject is surprisingly low. Maybe I just didn't have the flair to teach it, but sometimes I think it is still important to respect the teacher ie me for standing in front of the class to ive intensive revision. Imagine the teacher sweating with beads of perspiration trying his best to teach what heknows, to impart his knowledge and there we have the scenario as below...

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And the cycle continued lesson after lesson...

Yah the pictures do paint a vivid picture huh??

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