Tuesday, October 04, 2005

An impromptu celebration

I must be getting old-guilible-senile over the years. I was tricked by my own form class! In A fun way anyway. The girls threw an impromptu birthday celebration for me at the St Rap's shed. It was interesting that they got someone to distract me ie the one that I would never have doubted, Nicole DS to come and talk to me about her erm... problems with her mom. And I was actually having a meaningful conversation when another girl Roseann came and told us that Nicole's mom is here and she wanted to see Nicole's teachers. Armed with my weaponry (results analysis, mid year results, trusty ruler, pen and of course a heart of steel) I walked over to the shed, seeing the cake and the class breaking into choruses of "happy Birthday " and the song "hey Baby". It was such a wonderful surprise! The gift was a meaningful one with the girls writing something on each page. It was such a beautiful gift that I would keep it forever. Thanks 4/4! You really made my day!

Anyway I should make use of this opportunity to give "Oscars" to the nominees

Best Actress: Nicole De silva
She almost got me there with her teary eyes and her outpouring of emotions about her mom. I am sure I will be seeing her in "Moulmein High 3" or "Amazing Tales"??

Best Supporting Actress:
It was a toss between Amanda Ang and of course Roseann, but I will give the award to Roseann for her run and of course the one liner that she made " Mr Ng , please come down to the shed, and Nicole you better come quick, you know how difficult your mom is..."

Best soundtrack
"Hey Baby" what else.?

Best Prop
The Cake and of course the gift

Best cast
4/4 of course!

Thanks a million!

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