Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Last Day

Today is the last day of school for the Sec 4s, the end of the intensive revision.

I asked my class girls whether they have this feeling ( ie sadness) as this will be the last day of official lesson. Many of them seem nonchalant about it. Perhaps the reality has not sinked in..

I have mixed feeling about this day.. on the one hand, I am glad this this is all over and on the other hand, I am also uncertain about the things that will be happening in the near future.

I guess sometimes it is good to look back and reflect on the things that had happen over these frantic months. And ask what will I be missing about the class..

In a candid tone, I guess I will miss:

1) The classroom in its pristine condition and not one that has been struck by Hurricance

2) Walking past the classrooms and see "whorish" ( I really can't find the right word) people sitting on the chairs masquerading as tables (or was it the one way around) such as Amanda Ang, Lynette, Bidina and Charlene

3) hordes of girls asking to go to the toilets hand in hand, or to find a companion to go to do some photocopying as the distance is too long, and you need a companion to talk the long distance away

4) Claire and Alycia Lum falling asleep right under the nose of the teacher. Charlene and Eleanor are close behind in that irritability factor

5) Screams of "Shaddup Lynette!"

6) Pinafore belts which could be used for a multitude of functions other than around the waist such as a Japanese Kamikaze samurai, a tie, a hairband, a measuring tape (as it will be always be placed on the table), a blindfold and lastly a scarf.

7) girls who went through lessons with feet off the ground, such as Perry and vk with their buddha on lotus leaves postures and lynette who seems to fear sharks swimming under her desk...

8) too comfortable learning environment where girls took off their shoes and socks ( yes socks) I swear that after the cleaning this afternoon , the air in 4/4 classroom smell fresher. I had to say it always have that slight pungent smell everytime I walked in

9) the rubbish cum recycling bin, aka the teacher's table

10) the dreadful greetings of "Good Morning Mr Ng" or "Thank You Mr Ng". I must say today greeting was by far the best I had heard for the past few months

And I guess that will be what I will miss.

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