Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Birthday Celebrations

An uneventful day. Maybe my birthday wish last year was relaised but I had the most boring celebrations ever. I guess this is what happens as you grow old. The level of clebrations and excitiment is inversely proportional to your age.

Watched the new ( or should i say so passe) Jackie chan movie, "The Myth". It seems so interesting that all these movie producers love to "bastardise" the beauty of History. To cut the long story short, Jackie Chan was a archaeologist who fight and has brains ( a la Indiana Jones), he has this recurring dream that he was a Qin dynasty general with the duty to protect the concubine of the Qin emperor ( a la that Chinese show starring Chow Yun Fatt and Lin Qing Xia, btw it is showing on Channel 8 this afternoon). There was this Bollywood dances and of course th good old solider fighting and slashing their guts out and Jackie Chan using his antics to fight and you know what. But then again the storyline was a bit far fetched. I shan's spoil it for those who have not watch it but rest assured if you are a history buff like me, I am sure you will certainly not approve of the way the movie goes. But then again, that is movies...

Had dinner at Tony Romas and that is it, a simple celebration

Sound like any other day to me....

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