Thursday, October 13, 2005

A conversation

the handphone vibrates. Screen display an unfamiliar number. I am always apprehensive about receiving phonecalls from unfamiliar numbers. Promising myself that i will do something stupid a day, I pick up the phone.


"Hello? Is that Mr Ng Wai Kiang?"

I cringed when that man misporonounced my name, I guess he was looking for me

"Yes, and by the way it is Mr Ng Wei...."

"Hi Mr Ng, I called to congratulate you for winning this makeover session with our company"

"Huh? I don't remember taking part in such a competition.."

"Oh Mr Ng, we got your contacts from a lucky draw survey that you did with one of the leading shopping centre. We randomly picked up ten entries and you are one of the lucky ones"

Whoopee. It is sounding more suspicious by the minute

"By the way Mr Ng, we are a new photography company and we would like you and your family members to come for a make over session, absolutely free! So which day would be good for you, this saturday or sunday?"

"You mean I don't have to pay a single cent?"


"I don't even have to buy anything to get the free session?"

"No, all you need is to come down to our studio with your family members"

"Hm....I don't think so"

"But why sir? this package would have cost $300 plus and we are giving it for free"

"Nah I don't think I want that. It sound too good to be true... Anyway thank for your offer, please give this once in the lifetime chance to others. Thank you."

I hanged up the phone. The line of stupidity and being lucky seems a very thin one. I guess as you grow older, you become more and more sceptical about things being free. Maybe the reality of life had taught us all too well, there is nothing free in this world.

I guess who else were the other lucky ones?

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