Sunday, October 09, 2005

A load of C*@9
Inspired by the ludricious mistakes made by my students, I have decided to put myself in my students' shoes. ( not that they are just nice for me... if you know what I mean..)

Today really sux

First of all there is this History exam which I am sure I am going to fail. It seems that there are just so much to study for the bleedy History. That "SOAB" Mr Ng seriously think that it is so easy to study 5 bleedy chapters for history. He really think that the examinations really revolved around history. Well let me get this straight, he is so wrong.. I tell you and I am going to prove it to him. In fact I am going to show him that it is humanely impossible to study all those things and get the facts right. In fact I am going to make so many glaring mistakes that he is going to spill blood over the scripts. Yah I tell you this is what teachers truly deserved. And if you are reading this, Mr Ng, you can just criticise my behaviour. well that what you teachers do anyway...

Firstly let me express my disgust over the school who punished the students whose blogs were critcising the teachers. I feel that as a student, the way the school is doing is not correct. I feel that you should first ask the teachers why they got so much time to spare reading the students blogs. And cuse me if you replied that it is through googling, then you should be spending more time making your lessons interesting rather than going around and invading our privacy. Who did you think you are? Sherlock? And by the way if your name appeared in non flattering terms, well let jst say that you can't strike a chord with the students, and making all this complaints is just going to make it worse. Come on you are no better than a kid who goes to the "teacher" to complain that another classmate gave you names. Sad but true. If you want to criticise be prepared to be criticised. That's what life is.. isn't this what you taught us?

Just get a "freaking" life.... please.

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