Friday, October 14, 2005

The loss of a writer


In my defence of this "unfortunate" incident, I must say that I didn't know I have so much awe and authority over this poor girl which I have supposedly traumatized. Actually I should have known my hidden potential when xiao-mei-mei tend to stay about a 100m radius everytime I attempt to greet her. As for this, it was totally unintentional, and it was never my wish for her to close down the blog

If all of you know, I do believe in the power of the blogs and i understand it as a outlet for students to express their joys, fears and frustration. If you have been reading my other entry,
you would have known and understood my stance. But then again, I "misused" the power of the teacher. I just didn't realise the cliched phrase of "with great power come great responsibility"

A casual joke and "evil" conspiracy brought about the demise of a talented writer. It is great pity that things had ended up this way, or should I say that I would never expected you to freak out this way. Ending it may seems like a escapist way to you but what you should do is to continue to write for those who care and want to know more about you.

If you know who I am talking about. Look here girl, You may think you are a lousy singer but you have been a wonderful writer.

And that is my 2 cents worth if you have any que -chens? :P


suhui said...

i do not feel that the student you mentioned is a bad singer at all.

in fact i feel by saying so you may have just offended her.

but everyone is entitled his/her own opinions so i hope she wouldn't take it too hard.

sometimes we say things that have an undesirable effect on others. it IS your fault, but i feel this has served as a good reminder that we should all be sensitive and think extremely carefully before we do/say certain things.

not everyone is thickskinned.

The Ego One said...

I totally agree with what you have said
Whether it is in the defence of your friend or whatever, I think this is just an issue that we all learn from the process
In the internet whatever that is shown can be looked at in a very different perspective.
Likewise the comments we made and posted.

mea culpa said...

you are just justifying ur actions. don't apologise if you don't mean it and when u think this incident is still humourous and minor.

you don't fully understand what the agony the girl went through b'cos of ur 'little' practical joke. ur actions are totally intended for harm so don't pretend that we are taking a subjective perspective.

please think before u talk. the world doesn't revolve ard u.

The Ego One said...

first of all thanks for the comment again.
Firstly I did not attempt to justify my actions and I agree that I am at fault.
I totally agree with the whole issue that it was a case of a joke gone badly wrong, however to mean that I actually meant harm is in my defence, a bit harsh. I reiterated that we can all learn from the process. I never seek to trivalise it neither did I think the world revolve around me.
As I mentioned in my previous comment, like the comments we made and posted, it can be seen in very different perspectives. I guess mea culpa might have in such a way misunderstood what I mean by that.

deb r.w. said...

im not going to comment about the incident since i might end up sounding offensive and then i would really get sued or something.

but i think student can sing. pretty well actually.