Saturday, May 07, 2005

You know you are addicted to blogging when

  1. You keep checking every 15 mins to your blog to see if anyone post you any comment for you to reply to it.
  2. You get jealous of people who have more traffic than you do when you feel that their blog absolutely sucks.
  3. You subconsciously wrote down Blogger, when filling in your address.
  4. When you write finish a post and blogger screws up, you freak out. You pull your hair and contemplate killing all the staff at
  5. You are sleeping, you suddenly think of some witty post to blog about.
  6. You get damn f***ing excited when someone links you at their blog. Even more so when that someone is popular.
  7. When outside, you suddenly think of a smart and witty comment to someone’s post which you read a few hours/days ago.
  8. You justify to friends who ask you why you blog by saying that you are not ranting about your everyday life but writing about witty and funny events in the format of a journal.
  9. You spend most of your time online surfing around just to find inspiration to blog when you be studying or writing your damn report.
  10. You have more people in the blogging community than actual real friends.
  11. You actually attended some sort of blogging convention.
  12. You actually try to make such a stupid list like this.
  13. After everytime you said something wrongly, you try and look for the ‘edit post’ button.
  14. You would try to make a mental note of anything that is interesting so that you can blog about it later.
  15. You hunt down anyone who posts a mean comment.The first thing you do online is to check your blog for any comments before you start to check your own email.
  16. You are guilty of commenting excessively on more popular blogs just for the sake of increasing your site traffic.
  17. When you see that your friend is having some very wrong dress sense, you advise him to change his ‘template’
  18. You have actually been on the news or any media reports regarding your blog.
  19. You actually went to Sim Lim Square to see if they got sell an electronic counter to track your human traffic or not.
  20. Even after a truly screwed up day, you comfort yourself by saying "well. At least it would make a good post.
  21. And you are actually bo liao enough to finish reading this list. And enjoy it while passing it to the rest of the people who are addicted to blogging.

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MisterGovin said...

i absolutely agree that blogging can get quite addictive. but i'm not as hard core as you tsk tsk.

-pam, 4/5 '02