Sunday, May 15, 2005

late nights coffee breaks

Writing has become a therapeutic thing for me, especially during this stressful period of time when teachers are expected to be factory workers and churned out stacks and stacks of marked examination scripts for the students. Not a pretty sight but teachers are always on the paper chase.

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Here I am marking at the NUH canteen on saturday when I was waiting for my wife to get some of her work done.

And of course marking everywhere...

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Marking on my bed.... sigh....

Anyway when I went for my coffee break, my loyal canine decided to help me out with some of the marking...

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what type of history answers are we looking for??

Anyway I was quite relieved to be able to finish ALL my marking (*APPLAUSE) today and to make it even better, I have decided to put in some of the really ridiculous answers I got from the students. For the non history initiated , I have not forgotten about you people, You can first read up on the second russian revolution before looking at the great answers with good ingrish..

~~Classic answers~~

Trotsky whipped the inexperienced and tapped the expertise of ex army soldiers

(So Trotsky is now Lord of the Dance and also involved in BDSM activities... kinky...)

The provisional government were seen as weak and worst of all seen as the leaders who flavoured the Tsar.
(Chocolate or vanilla, rum and raisin?)

The Bolsheviks led by Lenin, formed an attractive and simple "Peace, Bread and Land" slogan. This captured the essence of the people's aims in a government. This turned tides
(Moses split the Red Sea and Lenin turned tides.....)

Lenin was also very influential, he was able to talk and win support from the peasants.
(Talking- isn't that the trait of a politican??)

Trotsky was able to get man to build up the Red Army
(The women don't get it...sexist)

The Bolsheviks also have propaganda methods as they owned "Prada"
(When did this capitalistic brand got associated with communism? What about Armani and Guess??)

The peasants found the ideology of communism to be very appealing. Though they did not understand communism...

The soldiers saw that this offer Lenin gave was promising and then you have it, Bolsheviks won the support of the majority and was ready for anything.
(David Blaine in action...)

They had the power. They had the support, they did not need anything
(Sound like a Starhub commerical)

Lenin also promised that they would all have to worry about the things that they had to worry with (sic) the provisional government. Things like food and other basic necessities would be abundant.
(Lenin can really conjure things from nowhere...)

Ah.. too much caffeine need a break...

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