Monday, January 03, 2005

F day of school

It is the first day of school and as usual the monday blues. My mind doesn't seem to be wanting to do anything academic though I also understand that the girls were also busy catching up with others on what they have done during the holiday or maybe what they didn't.

Things are going to be quite different this year. At least there is now a greater sense of urgency as the O levels will be coming sooner before you know it. I guess this is a great motivator especially for those who had been really bochup last year.

I am having a headache now... School induced? Maybe, but I am glad to be back.

Getting a new haircut.......... $7
New shirt which matches my surname.......... $29.90
New Pocket PC and repairs to my laptop........... $700
Seeing the surprised look on 4/4 when they realised I am their form teacher again......... priceless

There are things money can't buy, for others there is Mastercard :P

Corny jokes aside, got tons of work to be done and tons of people going after me for holiday work which I promise, and yet failed to do.

Welcome back!

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