Monday, December 27, 2004

The Killer Wave
(A poem written in memory of the innocent who lost their loved ones)


Before you actually read the poem,
PLEASE NOTE All of the poem need to be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism. I cannot accept any reponsibility or liability for any harm, upset or other consequential damage caused by gullible people.
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  • without further ado....

    Have you read the news today

    or heard the radio about the killer wave?

    As many as 12 thousand die

    and it happen on the globe by the eastern side

    Countries like Sir Lanka, got their share

    Indonesia, Thailand were not spared

    And the next we know is up North

    Where Penang of Malaysia also got

    How it happens, is a daze

    It was then peaceful on a bright Sunday

    then something strange by the sea,

    came a wave, height about 3 storeys

    People were buried, drowned in water,

    some got choked and others got a shower

    Families were lost, tears were shed

    Beachside holidays became sad

    It is corny explaining as I tried

    When plates collide, people die.

    I don't know why this natural catastrophe,

    It could be God's anger in the making

    My mom had a quirk explanation for all this

    why Singapore was still in one piece

    Remember we have shows for Charity

    We are all too nice and God let us stay alive

    Trust me , reading all this will help u in your literature :P

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