Monday, January 10, 2005

Landom Thoughts

The whole weekend was over in a daze. More like I was sleeping through it. Saturday, tried to wake up at around 7 am to do my long overdue, trying-to-motivate-myself Masters assignment but the spirit is not that willing but the body is like "hell no". I was literally in and out of dazes and was trying to keep my guilty soul awake as my diligent wife was frantically busying herself with the tons of housework that was piling over the weekend. That's the lifestyle young couples had, DINK (Double Income No Kids) but damn plenaty of housework. You can't imagine how much stuff is stacked up over the period of 6 days. The washing machines work overtime ( We had two by the way) and the folded clothing were left in the guestroom on the nice comfortable bed which acts as a makeshift wardrobe. Not that i want to "dry dirty linen in public" but really there are just so much things to do. And I am still putting in time to communicate with my students to tell them the little time I had is used to inform them what is happening to my life.

Sickening things had been happening to things and people around me. A colleague and close friend just got knocked down by flu a couple of days back* and the best part was that he was supposed to go for an anti flu jab or something before he go for his reservist training in Thailand in a week time. I shuddered at the thought of our defenders of the country so sicky. Is it then possible that the war will end not with us defeated by the enemy but by the flu bug. But then a again that is just some random thoughts I had. Another young female colleagues seems to have aged a couple of years over the past few months. She was all bubbly and her eyes seems to sparked. Now it look like 2 flickering candles burning on their last drop of fuel. I had a friendly conversation with her on the way to our classes and I express my shock at her loss of vibrance and "youth". She lamented that she feel so tired and drained and of course she had not recovered from the flu which was spread by you-know-who. Sad to say our conversation did not last as she was doing her shuttle run ack to St rap when she realised that her ever-declining memeory had once again failed her and she need to get some stuff before doing an olympic timed sprint to St Michael where her eager hyperactive class is anticipating her presence.

*And what were you thinking when I say about sickening things? You sickening soul!

Another sickening thing that happen is the stupid car scratches I had on my new car. Yah you heard me right. Man I am so pissed. what have I done to deserve this, too hard on my students, too many enthusiastic attempts at sacarastic remarks ( which by the way I am so good that Ms Yap actually got me a deck of playing cards which had insults on every single one of them,; she said that without a shadow of a doubt that was my X mas present when she saw it at Times Bockshop) or just some green eyed singular testicular monster who couldn't stand the sight of a light metallic blue lancer at the neighbouring carpark? Or was it due to the stupid merger of media corps and media work that got retrenched employees so pissed off that they started venting their frustration on my car? Sorry to be so worked up on a non-animate possession, but this is like the most expensive toy I had so far, (ther than my home if you know what I mean) and it hurts a little to see it kena "bullied" by people other than me? But then again I should be lucky that my car was not swamped by the tsunami and I should be so grateful that things are actually still in one piece - land is land and water is still in water... Let's all be thankful of the wonderful things we had.
Students had indicated through smses and mails and slights that they were not really happy with the ratings I gave. Suddenly I feel so "Simon Cowell"ish. Let's put it this way, I don't write to please , just to piss. I guess the chemistry need to be work out in some way or another and I can see that the momentum is coming back. At least I had quite an enjoyable class with my form class. Crazy bunch though, with the new hairstyle and the hyena like laughter and of course the cannot sit still shuffling the legs and the pilates- inspired lotus leaving sitting position.
I had to start preparing for my essay. I got to start marking the test, I got to strat becoming zombish... Damn... What a way to start week 2.

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