Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Today Tuesday

Monday passed by without a time for me to catch my breath and i was left with absolutely no time to catch my breath. eight periods one after another and then had an enjoyable meeting with my class committee girls, well if you consider a 2.30 -6.00 pm marathon meeting interesting, my poor committee members had to skip like lunch/teabreak/early dinner? Then again seeing ele trying to dig out the scraps of the loveletters from the bottom of the container was an amusing sight (sorry ele, couldn't resist taking a dig, sorry for the pun!) I was really exhausted, if you considered the fact that I am still trying to recover from the super duper flu bug and then I have a terrible night because some idiot forgot to put some newie gadgety stuff to silent mode and it keep ringing and ringing the whole bloodly night.

Anyway back to the chocomania and of course all these things that are happening in class. I really have to admire the class committee for relly trying their best to try to unite the class and most importantly trying to run the show. I know I re-elected them. This is a trying year for all the 44ians and I have to say it is really not easy for the class committee to please everyone especially if everyone try to get their way.(Let's put it this way, not everyone is happy about the PAP, ask Dr Chee...) But from my conversations with them, I can sense that they are genuinely concerned about making the class the best class and I really feel that it can be done. I think we firstly need to dissociate ourselves with the "100% refractory" stuff. Why?
1) it is embarrassing when you people say that we are 100% refractory but have absolutely no idea what it means?
2) you choose it because it look cool but but have absolutely no idea what it means?
3) the class are so disjoint and lack unity and and you people have absolutely no idea what this means?

Chaos within unity or unity within chaos. Chaotically united or Unifying chaos, No matter how you see it, as disparate entities or unified body, the choice is pretty much yours. I absolutely love it when my girls claims that they are the most united class. I think it is fast become a farce... You can emphasize that it is all about unity but heck! Have you really think about that when you

1) choose to do what you want without considering what the rest wants?
2) choose to ignore what is to be done because YOU don't like it THAT way?
3) choose to keep quiet and let the rest run the show because YOU don't even care?
4) choose to complain but not taking a stand about it because YOU feel that you are not part of it all?
5) choose to ignore all this because YOU can't be bothered about your friends in class, you don't respect them, and you don't want to help them?
6) or given a choice you just want to migrate to another class because you can't see yourself as part of 4/4?

As you could see, the choice is always yours! Don't blame others, Don't point the finger at others. Are you one of them who is guilty of any one of those that I had say above. A class is never about "I" it is about "We" and if you can't see the simple logic behind it, I guess that just make you a lesser person. Because noone lives alone, the world doesn't revolve around YOU. The success of the class come from everyone, not just the class committee, not just because of a couple of voices who want things to be done in that way, not just about a couple of complaining voices who just refused to take up a stand, and definitely not about the silent majority who just goes with the flow! If I could have things my way, I would walk up to the person in class and just trash it out, why wait? why keep the negativity? and why hide? I can be totally open to talk about my feelings to others and I believe the class can do that. Why hide behind a veil? why sit at a corner? why just shut up?

I believe that the class has potential, and up till now I still believe so. I am very sure that my girls will rise to the occasion but to succeed, the class spirit have to be there. Will it be a case of unfulfilled potential? I sincerely hope not. I don't want a class spirit that switches on and off when a BIG event come about, and definitely not one when a BIG VIP come along. If you coul see things in the spirit of the class and in the spirit of unity, it would make you people a great bunch to be with and a great bunch to teach!

And a side note there were 3 absentees today,all from the back of the class, I guess that is where the source of the bug is coming.

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