Friday, January 07, 2005

F week

I had survived the first week in school. All I feel is that my rest in the holidays was in vain. I really feel so tired after this week. This year 2005, meant that I had taken on more responsibilities which include :

1) Being a Sec 4 form teacher - the admin can kill. Not forgetting the self awareness camp

2) Being the track and field teacher in charge again... well so glad that there are two able colleagues to help me, else... sigh

3) 4 preparations of lessons - sec4 history (for my one and precious class), sec4 social studies, sec 4 add maths and sec 3 history

4) my two Masters assignment which are about to be due. And the best part is that I have not started on it...

I must say that this week is a litmus test for all my classes. Let me give them a preliminary grading( still subjected to changes)

And (drum roll......)

Sec 4/1
Rating: A2
As usual, self motivated and studious, there is absolutely no problem going after work, or should I say no problem as ALL hand up work of highest quality. Need to speak up more though.

Sec 4/4
Rating: B3
Surprising unsatisfactory considering the chemistry that we had. As usual, the jokes and laughter are starting to fill the class and the chronic "forget-this-forget-that" syndrome is agian present. They had also got onto the wrong foot or feet (for some teachers) and that is like the first week of school. And to top it up, the same endemic problem - the lack of focus. Let's cross our fingers.

Sec 4/7
Rating: B3
except for a couple of jokers who forget to bring their book and stuff, the class is surprising subdued. Maybe the colourful and playful people are in Sec 3 again or in 4N or had move on to an outside career of stand up comics. Still don't look settled down and all geared up to go.

Sec 4/8
Rating: B4
Come on, what rating can I give if almost one third of the class were being lectured by me standing outside of the classroom, and that is my first lesson with you guys. Particpation seem minimal. Still need to work harder though I can see that soem of them are starting to settle down

Sec 3/2
Rating: A2/B3
Funny bunch but just too serious. Maybe we need a couple of warm up sessions

Sec 3/4 and 3/8
Rating: A2
Absolutely hilarious bunch, can joke, can have fun and most important know when to be serious and settle down to do work. A few colourful characters stand out. But still too early to tell.

As you can see, I can be a bit mean and stingy with my comments, but there is really little for me to judge but with the little it may not be fair. I certainly hope that my assessment is partial and incorrect.

I need to rest, it is 1140pm.

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