Friday, January 21, 2005

If things haven't been bad enough

Can the CNY please come, cos I am really stressed up to the brim. Talking about my family committment and of course all the CNY buying of goodies and f course the academic work I am giving my students and the one that I am absolutely trying to rush through for my Master assignment and I am like on the verge of a mental breakdown. Add the unexpected present that my form class chairperson had given to me which required me to go for an urgent jab on Thursday so that I can get back on time to teach my afternoon A Maths lesson and that's about round up the week.

If you don't understand what I am writing about, don't worry, it is either you are too thick to understand, or it was not meant for you

It seems like yesterday that I thought things given to me were better, at least better thean the last one I had, and I was in a stage of pretence where I could actually move a little further and a little bit better, but then I was just living in a warplike space where things don't seem to be like that. Perhaps the revelation I had after yesterday was that I am starting to see things beyond the rose tinted glasses, i thought things were not meant to be this way, it was supposed to be better than what I have expected. But my hopes were high and I failed to see things beyond the beautiful picture that I forced myself to see. I was utterly upset at the development of things. Maybe I should have just perseverve on last year and not so nonchalant and I could have done something about it, but then again would I have made the difference I wonder? A lot of things have to be done, and I am suddenly overwhelmed by the things that I have to and must do. It was going through the same things which I did 2 years ago, it was painful and most important it was tiring, it was really tiring. Things in parts can be mended, if efforts is made and of course Care, Compassion and Concern

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