Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sri Lanka Travels

I had been rather lackadasical when it come to uploading my blog. Just came back from Sri Lanka a couple of days back and was busy getting into the frenzy of Euro fever 2004. It has been a busy week indeed. England lost yesterday, I was trying my best to keep awake. Damn the French for leaving it so late to win the game, not that I have anything against them.

I haven't had the time to talk to my wife since I come back from my trip. At least 300 of my shots were in Mr Bernard Chan's laptop, which accounted to the fact why I have not tried to upload it into any online diary. He had gone to Hong Kong for a short getaway and will only be back later in the week. Guess I will have to do without the photos for now.

In the meantime, just to update some of the itinerary for the Sri Lanka trip. I know lots of girls had said so much about it.

We assembled at Changi Airport Terminal 1 and prepared for departure to Sri Lanka on Emirates. It was quite a mess, everyone was trying to say goodbye to each other. Anxious parents, boyfriends, aunties uncles etc. I was all alone and for once I actually feel left out as a result of this. Watch "Starsky and Hutch" on the flight, great movie! When we arrive at Sri Lanka Bandaranaike International Airport, it was two in the morning (or 4am Singapore Time) The weather was chilly and everyone was sleepy. We meet up with our guide and also some Singaporeans who were there. They presented us with small garlands. Welcome to Sri Lanka!

The morning view was exhiliarating. We were beside the Indian Ocean and it was exciting seeing the waves at such close proximity where we are having breakfast. The Hotel Galle Face Hotel was a colonial government building, and was curiously vintage.
We visited the city and a school before retiring back to the hotel.

Day 2 We started the day with a tour around the captial of Sri Lanka Colombo and visit to the elephant orphanage and take part in feeding baby elephants. IN the afternoon we visit the Dambulla famous Cave Temples after a traditional Sri Lanka Lunch
We attempted an amazing feat by climbing 2000 plus steps up the 8th wonder of the world, Sigiriya Rock. The dinner was great. Had a couple of beer with Mr Chan. We were bushed! Need to have a good night sleep

Day 3 was jam-packed with activities. We visit the spice gardens where I got some stuff for my wife, some natural healing creams and products.We got up close and personal with nature and the Royal Botanical Gardens. We also visit the gem lapidary where I beleive all of us got a good understanding of the different gems in Sri Lanka. We attended the Cultural show at a dilapidated Hall which had a leaking \roof. But I guess it did not dampen the spirits (Sorry for the pun) of the students. The highlight was of course the visit to the Temple of Tooth Relic. It would be better to look at the pictures once I put it on the online photo album.

Day 4 was really a travelling day. We had to make the journey back to Negombo so as to catch our flight tomorrow morning. On the way, we had a small Kandy City Tour. But the most memeorable of all is the trip to Nuwara Eliya where en-route we saw waterfalls & went to the Tea Factory to learn the tea making process. We reached the hotel at almost 10 pm after about 12 hours on the road. The funny part is to see the girls running to the loos and queuing up for the ladies. Thank God I am a man!

The next morning after breakfast at the hotel we checked out and transferred to the International Airport and bid farewell to the wonderful land of Sri Lanka for our flight back to Singapore.

It was a memorable trip and one that is too short. Will definitely find the opportunity to go there with my wife. Next year perhaps?

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