Friday, June 25, 2004

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

It comes around about once a month. I feel terribly uncomfortable as the date draws near. I cannot wait for it to be over. Once it is, I am full of relief. If I miss one, I fret.

I am talking, of course, about a haircut. I cannot live with hair touching my ears. It is so irritating! But I digress.

I was at my regular barber when I overheard a conversation between a grandfatherly customer and a newly recruited barber. Most men at Ah Pek's age, if they still had hair, would use the remnants to "camouflage" their highly reflective domes. (This is like an elephant trying to hide behind a lamp post.) So I was surprised to hear him ask for a "crew cut".

As the barber cut the old man's hair, the latter talked to the former almost non-stop. In between snips, I caught something about the quantity versus the quality of hair. Then this exchange took place.

Ah Pek: "Do you know what a bald patch in front means?"
Barber: "No." [snip-snip-snip]
AP: "It means the man is sexy."
B: "Oh." [snip]
AP: "How about a bald patch in the back?"
B: "Dunno?" [snip-snip]
AP: "It means he's a thinker."

At this point the barber took the bait.

B: "So what if the man is botak (bald)?
AP: "Then the man thinks he's sexy!

It was an old joke but the old man laughed as only old men can.

I tried not to laugh. After all my barber had a blade in his hand. I didn't want to end up with a Tyson souvenir. Without my ears, I can't see. (I wear glasses, doofus!) But then again having to wear contact lenses is also quite ok, not that I am vain

Well, that's it. I know it's not great literary work. (What do you expect for two cents?) If you have got something to say, get it off your chest
But if you have nothing to say, then I would like to bring your attention to one courageous girl who tagged my board with the following message
“hi mr ng,chanced by your blog..and i think u shld take down tt picture,cos i think tt guy in e photo spoils the entire image of will do detriment to your readers eyes.please do us all a favour. “

For me It is
1) gratifying to know that my blog actually had a viewership of ex students
2) heartening to know that I have made an impact, alas negative one in this student life
3) funny that you don’t even recognize that the man is me?
4) funnier to say the least that all the students I taught turn out to be as rude as I am?

Maybe I should really accumulate more positive karma and then be a good man? So that I won’t get all this nasty remarks? But then again what is the fun when there is no nasty remarks? :P

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