Friday, June 11, 2004

I am back!

To my ardent readers, I am back. Just finished a swift packing of my stuff, a hefty 3 kg worth of smelly laundry and gifts ( tried to separate them into differnt compartments, hope the stench can be contained)Most importantly, I left behind my prejudices and misconceptions and brought back tons of wonderful memories.

Having a bit of a jet lag now.. even though Sri Lanka is only about 2 hours ahead of us. Well I guess anyone will if you have a group of IJ hyenas who laugh at every possible thing and of course star struck girls who were clamouring to get a shot of Fandi Ahmad and his gang of disgraced Singapore footballers ( I just read that they were thrashed 7-0 by Oman and I thought it was a rugby score)

Need to get the photos updated soon. Will put it online to share with all those who did not join us for the trip.

Peace out!

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