Monday, June 21, 2004

Becoming a better Man

Some say that everyone has a special skill, an ability to do something exceptionally without effort I guess for this holidays , my unique facility is procrastination. If it was taught in university, I'd have my PhD by now, and won't be thinking of getting my Masters. I can spend countless hours on unproductive activity, convinced that it is important, certain that it is actually work. I can't stand dumb movies and havingto watch like Jackie Chan's Police Story III for the last twenty times, but right now, because I have to write my Master article, it suddenly seems entertaining and alluring. Let face it, even writing on my blog seems more enriching :(

Sadly procrastination is not a skill that has a lot of demand in this world, and after realising that I have made one too many excuses for being late, I have suddenly come to the realisation that it is time to do something about it. I need a set of rules, 6 golden rules that will make me a man rather than a boy with excuses.

Rule No. 1 No more internet access
Like Pavlov's dog, I get all excited when I see the connection to the WWW activated with the speed of 3.4 Mbps. My broadband had connected me with the rest of the world! By the time the Singnet homepage appears, I am ready for anything. I may only be connecting to check my email or to see my share portfolio sinking even lower, but I spend my time visiting websites that had suspiciously nothing to do with what I am doing or what I am interested in. How will one see my peculiar habit of visiting the online IKEA catalogue or the soccernet website when all these statistics and information have nothing to do with me? I may not have save myself time, not to talk about the online shopping that I am doing for countless hours and the online window shopping on eBay! well it made me a better shopper, I have also wasted valuable time and electricity! This however, has led to the next rule.

Rule No. 2 Less Internet Access
Forget bout rule no. 1, I know it is almost impossible to cut off my connection with the world (since I am such a well-connected person) and yes I admit that I am an internet addict. First I got introduced to it in university, I experimented with it and even convince myself that it can be useful; it can make me more creative and more connect. Then years later, I looked back at all the time wasted in a cyber stupor and wonder what have happen to my life. The need to repent had made me gone to the "Community of help for Internet Junkies" (OR CHIJ for short.. now you know why you are here huh! :P) Of course for internet usage, cold turkey is out of the question, so a mere reduction will do.

Rule No. 3 Be early
Theorectically easier than the first 2 rules but harder than it is because it actually required the success of the first 2. When dealing with deadlines, my normal practice is to work out the bare minimal amount of time to get the work done. Of course things always takes longer than you estimate them to be, so my work never get delivered on time. My miraculous and innovative theory suggests that if ou were to actually do the work first, you would finish early, get the work submitted on time, be stress-free and have time for a relaxing caffeine break before doing more work

Rule no. 4 Go to bed earlier, get up earlier
Forgive my wonky logic, for I believe that if I am more awake I will procrastinate less.And when I mean by early, I dont mean the weehours in the morning like 2 or 5am The Euro 2004 gamnes had me up to 5am in the next morning. I wake up half past 12 most of the time. And I would not be given any trophy or medals for staying up so late to watch the game!

Rule no. 5 Eat more vegetables and fruits
Now I am really sounding like my wife and mother! This rule has nothing to do with procrastination, but it is now time to stop procrastinating on taking care of one's body but to really eat well. Note to self: A 250g family block of Cadbury's fruits and Nuts Chocolate and a pack of family size potato chips do not constitute to one serving of fruit nor vegetable!

Rule no. 6
I haven't thought about it yet, Still procrastinating as I watch my Master Essay going into my 3rd redraft!! Sigh. Hey time for lunch!

And that's my 2 cents worth for the sanity of my readers!

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