Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Euro Fever and I am getting the heat

Have you been out on the streets these few nights? I mean around 7 to 9 in the evening?

It is desserted opps deserted! Other than some juvenile girls and some lovey dovey couples and some lovey oldie couples, there is only a whiff of masculinity, (and it is just like a short fart). I was leaving Suntec City at around 8.30 pm yesterday and the usual bustling and jostling among the crowds was a mere memory. What could that be? Must have been the Euro Championships 2004, the event that occurs once in every four years.

Men (most of them, other than those who are suspicously metrosexual) would swear by 2 things, football and beer. Well as for the third thing, human copulation, it only come when either one is absent and the other is in excess. (:P) I am not a big fan of beer so my two most important things are...

For the past few days, I have been living the life of that of an owl. I wake up late in the morning, start typing my Masters assignment and then I stay awake to read and read and write and write. When I am bored with stuff, I amuse myself ( dont get the wrong idea) by watching DVDs - I watched T3 - Rise of the Machines, not for Arnie but the babelicious TX, and of course Stephen Chow movies. I think i still have about 7 DVDs which I had bought but still in sealed condition. Soemtimes I go for a short walk, just to refresh myself after facing the computer for too long. Which is why I was wandering on the streets at 8 plus in the evening. Where most men would bring their work wearily bodies back home, have a quick shower, a quick bite and then a nap before they again wake up at unearthly hours to watch the game.

Just to assure those who are concerned about my sanity after hours of facing the computer screen in the day and the TV screen in the nights/early mornings, let me set your minds at ease by announcing that I am still intact in one piece.

Anyway I got this xiao neighbour who sweared every time an important episode of the soccer game, and mind you this is in the middle of the night or early in the morning., Not that I have any complaint on the free lessons on the hokkien* lexicon of expletives. But really after a day , it was kinda of endearing but after 2 or 3 nights of that, it kinda of get on your nerves. And mind you, it is not just a missed chance or a goal or an own goal, this fellow, basically sweared at every possible situation, such a goal kick, a foul or even the fans waving to the camera. I think it is his own peculiar way of keeping himself away in this unearthly hour, although I won't mind asking him to join me, kinda of lonely watching it myself, on a big screen TV, though the thought of a saliva pelting singlet clad ah beng is not really my ideal couch partner. As for my better half, she is blissfully asleep and thus was spared from this undesirable education. I am just wondering if these words would have a negative effect on her sub conscious. By the way do you know that your subconscious has a power 30000 times more than your conscious? Which mean that if you get a tape to put in all the formulae of maths or even definitions of physics or chemistry terms, and played it throughout the night, you can actually memorise it without any effort. And I kid you not. You can also "programme" yourself to be the type of person you want such as " I am the most hardworking person in this world". Well that is indeed a lazy person way of getting studious. But no harm trying right. Just don't input the wrong thing as your sub conscious cannot distinguish what is right or wrong, so if you give him/her/it the wrong information it will take it as it is. Talk about being guillible.

*It seems that Hokkien is one of the most uncouth dialects. It did not help when many gangsters are usually hokkien and litter their sentences with regards to the male and female anatomies and even "undue concern" to each other parents

Went for my driving lesson just now. Really have no mood for it. Nearly gone into an accident, but guess what I am still alive to tell the tale! Guess I have something of higher priority, like writing my 6000 word essay. Sorry if I am getting abit on your nerves on this, I guess this is the only thing that I have in my mind now, other than s** (opps) Ha ha gotcha!!

I think I am really getting a bit boliao (Yes just getting boliao). I have been listening to this oldie, kinda of, called "Hands in Heaven". Heard it before/ It is a great song, something worth listening over and over again (sic!) Nothing really spectacular. Maybe just a bit lonely facing the computer for the whole day. You would too, if you have a 6000 word essay to write. Into my first draft now, and I am (word count on Microsoft word Word XP) urgh!! 2353 words. Still got 7 books and 10 articles to read. God! Help me!!

Will end this post with the song by Breathe "Hands to Heavens". To my girls who is facing stress in your work or even in your relationships. Hope that the song will soothe the soul and the blog will tickle that. If you like the lyrics, and would like to get a copy of the song, just come and ask me for it, and I guarantee, it will not be more than 2 cents worth...

Breathe "Hands to Heaven"

As I watch you move, across the moonlit room
There's so much tenderness in your loving
Tomorrow I must leave, the dawn knows no reprieve
God give me strength when I am leaving

So raise your hands to heaven and pray
That we'll be back together someday
Tonight, I need your sweet caress
Hold me in the darkness
Tonight, you calm my restlessness
You relieve my sadness

As we move to embrace, tears run down your face
I whisper words of love, so softly
I can't believe this pain, it's driving me insane
Without your touch, life will be lonely


Morning has come, another day
I must pack my bags and say goodbye, goodbye


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