Thursday, June 03, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (contd)

If I have a penchant to write dark things ( in black OHT markers and black or blue whiteboard markers) it could be due to my experiences with "horrific" girls.

Are you scratching your head, or any part of your body about the post I had yesterday? Why did the novelist in me show so prominently in the last post. It was a day of great significance to me. It was the day I got married 2 years ago. A day i could still remember vividly, but I shall not divulge too much details.

After surrendering my freedom to my love, I must say that so far our relationship have been wonderful! It helps when the two of us shared common interests. Actually *sheepishly* we are quite opposites. My wife is a more outgoing type but who can be extremely quiet and reserved. I am more the indoor/introvert (aka nerdy) type who can fill up an empty room all by myself ( not in size). She is into canoeing before , like trekking, camping and anything outdoor; I love the fine art, enjoy a cuppa, with a good book in hand and fear thrill rides. I guess this is what people mean by opposities attracts! We got together purely by "accident". (Not that type of accident) She used to sport shoulder length hair and with her bookwormish specs, she look extremely demure. To cut the long story short, I guess it was love at first sight. After a couple of months of courtship, we got together and in less than 2 years we are happily married.

Yesterday was such a nice, homely day for us. We didn't want to go to the cinema as it was jam packed with people, tennagers, elderly and kids. (please read my post on Show Business). We decided to go out for a nice dinner at the Esplanade hoping for anice comfy dinner with some peace and quiet, but there was a huge crowd watching an outdoor performance. We rush back to spend the rest of the evening at home, watching Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets on DVD. Nothing really eventful but it was simple and romantic.

Really need to spend some time with my wife before I go on my Sri Lanka fieldtrip.

My Master thesis is settling down well, meaning it is starting to gather dust. Got to start working on it before I go for the trip.

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