Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sex Blog... Yah You hope....

I have just finished unpacking and of course been working for the past few hours cleaning up the house and doing laundry... I am damn tired now.

Been reading the blog happening s and realise that the things that had captured people imaginations is all those sex blog and of course nude blogs.

If I were to burst my site counter, I should considered putting artistically tasteful (read nude) pictures of myself.

The New Paper, Today and of course our one and only Strait Times will be screaming headlines like this: " Nude Teacher Blog! What happened to morality?!" or "Teacher of reputed Convent School posted nude pictures on the internet" habahabahaba... You know those stuff of crap. I will be most probably be going to the P office for a word or two over a cup of coffee and get ready to answer myself infront of the Superintendent of the Ministry to explain myself... Damn so much crap..

I think I got to work out first..

Let me tried to get back from the jet lag ( even if there is no time difference between HK and Singapore) and try to tidy up all my stuff...

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