Saturday, June 25, 2005

The IJ Song ( to be sung by IJ girls of course)

Tune By: Que Sera Sera’s Composer (brownie points for those who knows who) Doris Day
Lyrics by: A sleep-deprived Ego one
In The Tune Of: Que Sera Sera. Duh.

When I was just a P6 girl,
I asked my teacher, where should I be?
Should it be IJ?
Or snobbish RG?
This’ what she said, to me:

“dear whoever your name may be"
"It depends on your P S L E"
"To get into IJ is quite easy,"
"as long as you're from its primary” (affliated mah)

I shall stop this before people starts slapping me.

I need more sleep.

1 comment:

sonn said...

Evil but very very true.