Friday, April 16, 2004

Flying without Wings

Just came back from the IJ Voices with Wings concert. While I admire the valiant attempts of the choir girls to be at their dazzling best for the big occasion, some of them really fall flat in their presentation. With megawatt smiles plastered on their faces, one would expect this whole thing to feel like a joyous event. But there were some girls who look a bit spastic in their smiles, it was as though there was a small little gun pointing at you from backstage. They have this like "buay song " look, you know the 5 cents face when you have 10 add maths questions to do for your asignment. There were also some who look like they were going for some beauty pageants, eyes sparkling, brandishing their ever plastic smiles to the audience. Now what they need is just the war cry of "world peace". Now not to take anything away from the choir, I think they had done a marvellous job. The selection of song were wonderful and I think the girls sang well. Need to work on the presentation though.
Ms Jo Teo was extremely unhappy with the wolf calls. well really can't blame her, people pay money to watch a choir performance not a 5566 concert. And girls, really, screaming and shouting out your friends name from the audience is not really very dignified of an IJ girl, especially in a concert where there were so many parents, staff, guests of honur and "good looking" ACS guys. And there were some girls in the audience who insist on letting the whole world know that they were there. PLEASE all teachers can recognise your booming voice from anywhere. We want CLASS not CRASS, ok? Hope this ring a bell ( no puns intended)
It has been a long day for me 8 period day with a 35 minutes break where i had to walk to St Michael to get my lunch as the canteen at St Raphael was closed. As for the morning, things went on pretty ok. I wondered why I didn't scold my 3/4 girls today. Seriously this is something that I myself was also really puzzled. The night before I was preparing for a long speech about class integrity and class spirit and most importantly discipline in school. But surprisingly, I did not even deliver anything. Hm what wrong with me... going soft with age? But I am quite happy with the spirit of the class in getting the IFD deco done. The girls are amazing, really have to take my hat off .
Today was the last , yes last time I am screening Angela's Ashes to the SS classes. I was quite pleasantly surpised that the girls actually like it. Maybe they identify with the protagonists, or maybe it is just because girls are generally more soft hearted, and the plight of the family was really something that struck them. One girl from my class was on the verge of tears, talks about overly-sentimental. But I guess this is something unique about the IJ girls.
The Add maths remedial was a a 3hr marathon. I was literally falling asleep with the questions that I was going through over again. Guess I have not really fully recovered from my illness. Actually teachers are like entertainers. actually shoudl say we are like getai singers during the hungry ghost festivals. running from one getai to another and most importantly got to smile and smile and entertain, like the choir girls. I wondered if the girls understand what is going on. Seriously i feel that this year I am spending more time with my form class. I don't remember spending so much time 2 years back with my girls. I hope my intimacy with the form class will allow me to know them better and not let take advantage.

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