Saturday, April 17, 2004

Corny Jokes - and Pigs will fly

I was penning all this during my long MRT trip from Choa Chu Kang stadium back to Toa Payoh... Rushing back to have dinner and and to watch the Portmouth and Manchester United game. It seems like this week was like a whirlwind to me but at least I got my 11 hours worth of sleep.

During the MRT trip, decided to start sms-ing a friend and we started a conversation. It was kinda weird since I could have jolly well call her and speak to her directly. Decided against it as sms ing would give me the luxury to read my notes, draft my blog, watch happening in the mrt and yet at the same time giving her advice on her problems. (Now who say man can't multi task) However in the midst of doing so , I was extrememly careful with the choice of words and text messages to be send, especially nothing too "Beckham"ish.

The competition at CCK stadium was a breeze, well the girls tried but it since we are not getting the results we wanted. Talked to some of the parents, coaches and the girls; was a great time to bond and establish relationships. anyway one of the girls commented that she felt very unfairly treated by me; she also say that everytieme when I was in my form class, there will be roars of laughter, whereas every time I am in her class, it was just work and no fun and alas no jokes. Hm... so I am not be accused of favouritism. Another brutual comment made was that my jokes were extremely lame. GOOD GRIEF!! so now I got to be a stand up comedian too. Hey let me get the record straight ( not DJing , you idiot!) MOE pay me only a pittance to be an administrator, facilitator, imparter (if there is such a word) of knowledge, a cca coordinator, a counsellor, a role model, a friend, a mentor, an entertainer all combined into one. If I could do just any permutations of the the above 4 roles to perfection, I won't be in MOE at all... Seems like there is no easy task pleasing everybody.

Guess I got to come up with more corny jokes to entertain the class, as MOE would love to put it, "The customer is always right"

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