Saturday, July 28, 2007

The One about one disappointment after another

Up to my eyeballs with things happening this week, it is hardly surprising that I am finding no time to blog.

this week had been an eventful week for me, especially with regards to my sec 5n form class. The O levels are just 3 months away, the prelims are just about less than 1 month away and this should be the period of time where generally every going-to-graduate student were to stay out of trouble and focused on the most important thing in their lives- the o levels. However apparently they felt that their form teacher, yours truly, apparently need some spices in his life, and there I was, trying to diffuse a fighting case that happened just outside the school. Swear to confidentiality, i should not reveal too much of what exactly happen, but the kid was suspended from school for 2 days, and his future hang on a threat with the crime of rioting.

I cannot tell all of you how sick and tired I am as a result of all these nonsense that had happened in the school since I haved joined. Many blogger colleagues bitched about irresponsible, incompetent, showoff colleagues who did nothing to help their kids, but merely trying to impress the management about the wonderful things that they were doing amidst the "actual" taching stuff that they should be doing. At least they had kids who do sit in class and try in any semblance to pay attention. As for me, it felt really disappointing that for what I have done, things had not gone really smooth for me especially the very thing that I should be excited and enthusiastic about - my students.

With many of my kakis colleagues leaving, I am going to really a forlorn figure in the staffroom come 2008.

So i am not enjoying my stint in management, I am disappointed with my classes, I have lost passion in teaching and I am losing my social support among my colleagues. I think I badly need a break to reevaluate my priorities.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious you're in need of rest. I think we tend to have more patience in dealing with all these 'nonsense' when we are well rested and hence feeling more positive.

The Ego One said...

Thank Jeanie
I think I am in ned more a break rather than a rest
In fact this year i am starting not enjoying what i am doing.
I guess I may really take up the option of going on a half year sabbatical for me to finish up my long awaited masters.

That CJC Girl said...

There is no point spending all your time and energy on dumb shits who don't appreciate it and never will. I never understood why you chose to leave IJ; I reckon at least we made an exciting and willing bunch of kids.

Still, ultimately as a teacher, I guess you already know that unless you are rested and can communicate with yourself and understand your direction in life, it will be hard to take on giving others directions.

All I can say is that to me, you've made a difference and I hope that for your sake, you embark upon a phase of life that will make you happier than you are, currently.