Thursday, July 12, 2007

The One about being treated seriously

recently it has been very very difficult to get people to treat me seriously.

I am not sure if this comment is made in a good or bad sense. It is nice to know that I have this penchant to make people laugh by giving my 2 cents worth of comments in almost every thing that is happening in school. I am those people who people would refer to as "benjamin" in Animal farm - the cynical donkey, but with a dash of humour and sarcasm which never failed to crack people up.

But then again, I wondered if this is something that people failed to treat me seriously as a KP as it is very very important that I have the credibility (with the capital "C") so that people would take my comments seriously and act on it, and not think that I was merely joking. Sometimes been too affable and too funny make it even more difficult for me to carry out my "ruthless" implementation of policies as I am just sometimes, plainly speaking, too nice at times. As a leader it is important that i show that I am the boss and most importantly I mean what I say, and my crazy nature just failed to put this across at times.

MAybe I should just try to start anew in a new place where I can really be treated seriously. Seriously.

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