Wednesday, July 04, 2007

About Potatoes and Burdens

Listening to the broadcast on the school PA system, there was a story which caught my attention. It was about the story of a teacher, who asked his student to bring a sack of potatoes and a empty bag to school. He told the students to think of a person who they bear a grudge or had hurt them or someone they can't forgive and based on the amount the hatred and put a comparable size of a potato in the empty sack. After the students were given time to think and do the activity, many students had bags full of potatoes. The teacher asked the students tocarry the bag otatoes with them everywhere they go, even to the loo or the bathroom. It was a heavy burden, and most important it was hurting and tirign to carry it around, not the say the embarassment of carrying it around even on the bus or to class. At the end of it, as the days goes by, the bag started to smell as the potatoes turn soddy and smelly. The students were in fact glad that at the end of the week. This story had a direct relation to what we are and how we behave. Many a time, we are unable to let go and allowed our hatred to be a burden to us, which we carried from place to place. We thought that forgiveness was something good for the other parties, however, this example show that forgiveness is actually for one.

I felt so strongly about the story because recently I was consumed by anger and my words were peppered with sarcasm. My inapporpriate comments and jokes became my defence mechanism to re-direct any negativity aimed at me. I felt that someone up there ( and that I dont mean the upper management) intended me to hear this story and let me let go of that hatred that is affecting and consuming me. I am glad that it happened today but then again the incident that happens to me let me reevaluate my priorities and my future direction. At least I know what I would be doing in the short term.

Treat each difficulty like a tennis ball coming to your side of the court, just keep hitting them back. :)

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