Thursday, August 02, 2007

The One about Ado about nothing

The boy from my class who got into trouble last week was given a reprieve and send back to class this morning. As the form teacher, i was given the special duty to escort him back to to class. The DM clarified that the issue had been resolved and he will be given his punishment in public in due course.
As i walked him up to his classroom, the boy apologised profusely for being rude to me during that day of the incident. I wondered whether it was a sign of resignation on my part, or that i have really forgiven him, i nodded silently and mumbled some words of encouragement and assurance about the class attitude and perception of him. As he rejoined the class, there were a couple of odd stares from my class which I was quick to dismiss. Seeing him settled and accounted for, I walked back to the staffroom, in deep thoughts.
I have no high hopes that the boy will be able to mend his relationship with the rest fo the class, and I am not sure if the class is willing to take in this loner who had so far rejected all their advances of a closer friendship. But it is just another 2 months more, another 60 days, another 1440 hrs and all of them will be in the midst of their exams, in a couldnt care less about other people attitude.
When will that day of reckoning come?

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