Thursday, July 13, 2006

The One with the obvious drop in standard

After almost 3 week i finally got down to marking the sec 3 holiday work. The quality to say the least was grotesque if you can actually use that adjective. Anyway this was a history homework where they are supposed to do a newspaper frontpage. I thought it was pretty interesting and enough to get the students excited about history. On top of that, I had the best band of the sec 3 history class. So imagine the horror when I took out from my locker the loads of salted vegetables.

This is one :

Dont they understand the meaning of the word A3 Tabloid. I frantically look for the student name and there it is ...

My MNFC chairperson of last year would definitely hand in better work. She was an AEP student and extremely good in her writing... Sigh...

FYI MNFC is Mr NG Fan Club... haha

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