Sunday, July 30, 2006

The One about another big D thing

Maybe it is the stress of term 3, maybe it is the inhumanely punishing schedule. But people are acting really peculiar in these few weeks. As a form teacher, you prayed that other than the rushing of syllabi, pestering students for homework, the almost obligitory teacher observations, the deadline of setting papers and the preparation of the 4E/4N/5N students for the end of year "BIG THING", the least you need is of course a disciplinary problem, a BIG disciplinary problem.

I was literally hit with that on Friday after the dialogue session with the Deputy Director (Personnel). To cut the frivolous short, the DM came to me, spoke to me in hushed tones, while gesticulating me to go out of the conference room. Sensing the seriousness of the issue, I stepped out with tredipation, thinking what could have happen again to my ever notorious hyperactive sec 2 form class. To have some sense of inanomymity and privacy, I shan't reveal the full details of it,but le me just say, these type of problems will never happen in IJ where the cohort is all female, even if hormones are raging and interests in the opposite sense will befuddle you to do things beyond your wildest imagination. SIGH..... And the best thing about this was that there were rumour that he had done something similar before however there was no concrete evidence nor witnesses who stand out to "testify". Therefore I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After repeated counselling and even a "warning" on wednesday, this time he was caught red-handed AND red-faced.

Now he has to face the music, parents are called up, meet the P session on Monday. How is that to add to the insanely crazy term three?


trisha said...

My usually obedient class also went haywire the last 2 weeks and broke a few school rules. Left me wondering what virus has suddenly hit them?

Hang in there! There's the long National Day hols to look forward to. Unless you 'suay suay' kena the NDP parade!!

The Ego One said...

Hi trisha
As the NE Coordinator, the NDP in my school is my last major responsibility. You can be sure that I will be singing the national anthem and the patroitic songs with "gutso" :)

Jeanie Lee said...

Now what's left is for that guy to be caught with your RED underwear...haha

Caught red-handed, red-faced and with red underwear.

Chill, Superman!