Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The One about the three comments

Comment #1
A colleague came back to the staffroom, plonked the laptop and teaching materials on the table and remarked: "I am half dead". What struck me about this comment was that how can a person be half dead when one can only be either dead or alive. So if one is half dead, then is one dead?

Food for thought...

Comment #2
Talking about promotions, a colleague lamented that getting GEO1A2 is about the highest most sec teachers can get. The SEO rank will have to wait for a long time after one get the GEO grade. This colleague commented that since that is the way, then we should just work the minimum and ensure that we get just a "C". Another colleague added that if one just get a "C", the salry will just progress slowly and soon hit the "C"eiling.


Comment #3
A friendly conversation at the canteen brought about an interesting discussion on different viewpoints. In our usual-coffee-break-breakfast banter, Colleague A remarked that the students were sitting in the area designated for teachers. Just FYI, this area consists of circular metal cafe like coffee table and matching metal beach patio chairs, unlike the boring tuckshop long benches and chairs. Actually i was ok about this since there were no teachers using the tables and chairs until colleague A mentioned that this should not be allowed and that if this is not communicated to the students and teachers the students will abuse the system. Personally I adopte the Singapore's "NO-U turn" mentality. Let's be alittle flexible about it and give the students a break (literally and figuratively).

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trisha said...

There's a whole lot of truth in Comment #2 I must say. The SEO rank is not only very hard to get, it is also not a very exciting rank to work towards if you ask me. I look at my SEO-ranked colleagues and I tell myself I don't want to do the things they do. But that's just my personal opinion.

Comment #3: Yes, give the students a break. There's nothing sacred about seats set aside for teachers. Teachers should loosen up and stop being so anal-retentive.