Thursday, March 30, 2006

The One with the No Uniform Day

Actually this is a misnomer as it only applies to the students. Teachers in general found themselves in shocking similarities as we donned the school uniforms for the day. As part of the fundraising efforts, the teachers put on the attire of the kids and experience the pride/uncomfortable material/sweat associated with the uniforms.

In fact the teachers found themselves difficult to lift themselves beyond the mentality of the students ( sigh we are wearing uniform anyway) and it was quite difficult to get the students to start lessons, especially when quite a large number were also involved in our school celebrations.
This is indeed quite an eyeopener to me as we dont really have it in IJ. But a rare glimpse for those who want to know how I look like in a similrarly-TJ uniform. :P

I know this picture dont do justice for I have infact slim down alot. It must have been the sushi buffet I had yesterday night with my colleagues. Haha.

Teachers do sometimes entitled to a bit of fun in school, even as "students"...

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