Saturday, March 11, 2006

The one about random thoughts

Recently I’ve not been blogging, I had not disappeared from the blogsphere or into the atmosphere or into the hemisphere but well.... a teacher got to do what a teacher got to do.

1. Work work work.
Talk about long working hours at work, the excitment related to the new entry into my family life. Not to worry, I’m not facing any problems, well i would say those are all happy problems (sans the long working hours). Just that with new responsibilities come longer working hours (as I shamelessly quoted from "spiderman"), that’s all!

For those who remember me blogging about my in camp reservist training, I also had to burn two weeks just trying and because of that, I had to rush out teaching materials for the relief teacher who covered me when I was not in school. And of course as a KAH ( I am not trying to be vulgar here, but KAH means Key appointment Holder, see how MOE personnel love to use all those acronyms, eg TRAISI and TLLM)

2. Mental Block
Words keep coming out of my head in no coherent manner and sometimes I was too tired to think of what to blog about. I was (and probably still am) at a loss for words. Little knew that I stayed in school till around 7 at times in school. And when there are school activities I was also in school till 9 to 10. And yes this is really a 24-7 job. At times I feel like just plonking on my sofa and watch paint dry, yes this is now more interesting that some of the things and deadlines that I have to do.

I know that much is expected of me and I need to adapt fast. However at times I do feel that I can really adapt if I have a little bit more time. There is even a saying, that if you can survive in this school, you can probably excel in other neighbourhood schools. I am not quite sure of the authencity of this statement, since the previous i taught in is a mission school but I am quite sure peoples' expectation of me is not just merely surviving but also to excel.

3. ...
Well in a different note, I do love the things I do as it made me feel useful. Things are definitely more fast paced here and I have learnt tremendously from the process. However in the midst of all, I do ponder that I have sometimes lost sight of the people I care most, my family, my friends and of course my students. Seems pretty paradoxical at times, contradicting, some will say, I guess this is what happen when you move up.

I know that there are some of you who wanted to keep contact with me, please do, I do want to continue to maintain the link. Don't feel bad about trying to get me, I will try if I can afford the time, and please don't feel offfended if I am too busy, because I am really busy. Drop me a line, a sms and even a call. would really appreciate that.

As for 4/4 I am happy that all of you have embarked on the next phase of your lives. Please do keep in contact with each other even if I am not involved :P. Maybe we can have a gathering in June. Then you all can see my baby Vernice.... :)

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