Monday, December 19, 2005

The one where I lost Trafford

It has been a week since I lost the dog. Actually by no fault of my own. (OK kinda of a little) when we left the door open with the inviting lure of the outside world last tuesday. My missus was actually planning a short outing to East Coast Park with my nephew and we were all at Jurong West when this unfortunate accident happen. I was not there to witness this for I was busy doing my research at NTU/NIE library for my long overdue assignment. But anyway, I received a phonecall telling me that Trafford was missing and I rushed down to Jurong West to search.

After a frantic 2 hour plus search, with relevant calls to the relevant authorities to report the loss of our dog, we decided to call it quits. We were again there on Wednesday, and Thursday and were intending to just rest for Friday when we again received a tip-off from some residents who spotted Trafford roaming on the streets of Jurong West again. But again it was in vain as by the time I rushed down from my home ( which is like from another part of Singapore) the dog was already nowhere to be found.

It had been a gloomy week for me and my family, for Trafford has always been regarded as family. My mom can't sleep as trafford would always snuggle behind her at night (for it seems that he is afraid of the dark). My dad missed his display of affection (ie tail wagging, and of course the obligatory "carrying") as he come home from work. My sister cried when she heard the bad news and was busy trying to get her friends from online dog lovers forums to help out. My wife was perhaps the most upset for she felt she was the guilty one who was neglient and did not look after Trafford and thus allowed him to run off.

I am actually pretty upset and unhappy about certian things that are happening but I am just going to reserve my comments about what I saw when I am in a better mood and less antagonistic to write it down on my blog. :)

Please keep Trafford in your prayers and hope that we will find him real soon. It is X mas and it will be the most wondrous X mas present if he can be back...

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