Sunday, December 11, 2005

The One about the poem about the boy who lived

I got this at the Track and Field Farewell, I know it happens like eons ago, but I promise to write about it.
Thanks Wei Xin and Natalie for writing this beautiful poem. Made me feel like a superstar :P

The Boy who lived

Listen for a minute
It won't take a lot of time
I won't talk much about it
I'm just trying to rhyme
Tonight's subject
is one of curiosity
He's not an American reject
Nor does he commit atrocities
He likes to speak spaghetti
He's pal with Mussolini
He likes to dance and sing
Together with Sun Yat Sen
Old friends, he is, with Lenin
Chairman Mao and Stalin
They all died infamously
But it was not a tragedy
For among them all
He was the boy who lived
Now he stands quite tall
Respect what he has achieved
Look amongst you
For the one I speak about
If your guess is through
Give a try and shout it out!

Thanks so much again!

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