Friday, November 11, 2005


Work can be impersonal
Well it is never personal in any way but sometimes it can be a bit pain in the a** when it come to bureacratic BS.
Imagine you are like less than 5 freaking meters from someone (Let's call her X for this scenario) and she called you over and said "hey I need something from you and I left you an email" Take about top-secret stuff and when you look for an available computer, login, open the internet explorer, type in the url and then your password, and when you open the mail (finally after like 12min), you received a less than 20word message for a couple of documents and paper.

Talk about these stupid ways of bureacratic communication.

Next time they will thank you via email instead of face to face.

Anything to say?


an0nymouse said...

it's no bureaucratic bullsh!t...

it's all 'bout documentation of what you say or do.

let's say you were told about it in person, and you didn't do in after like 2hrs (let's assume that you are free and you know where to get it) 'cuz you have other 'chores' or 'committments' that aren't exactly important, and you 'forgot'. when she asks you again next time, what do you think you will say? "oh...i forgot..." or "you told me?"

what do you think will happen after that?

next time, why don't you just ask her when she told you 'bout the email? ;) like ask..."oh...what's it about?" or say "can you please tell me so i can do it now?"


The Ego One said...

Thanks for the comment!
Just that it had been pretty obvious recently that X had gotten more and more bureacratic.
I am someone who pride myself in term of efficiency and I strongly believe that everything that need to be done can be told face-to-face.
Using the email at every possible instance clearly show a lack of trust.
well that is just my 2 cents worth.