Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I watched Zorro last night at Bishan Junction 8. The palce is so crowded that it seems like the whole Singapore population from the Northern part of Singapore had all gathered there. In fact the quiet and cozy place was the cinemas. It seems like it is not a popular show. Or it has been on the screens too long. The cinema theatre was only half full.

It was a great show if it was not interrupted by incessant sms-es from desperate who would like yo know how to answer a "reliability" question or why I had awarded her with the marks but wrote down "weak weighing of factors". As i mentioned in my previous entry I have no problems helping, but.... I need to celebrate Deepavali.. Sigh :p

I shall not entertain any more essays from today. 20 emails per day asking for help is too much to bear.

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