Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dinner, Date and Dilemma

I had dinner with a friend on Wednesday. Actually more of a friend, a younger "sister" whom I know for close to 10 years now. I was about 30 minutes late as usually, and as usually it was the horrible traffic jams and of course the oh so committed "me" spending time with my track and field girls at the Bishan Stadium that evening.

After meeting her near Bugis Junction, setling down comfortably in the cozy but quite crampy restaurant with a seat which barely covered three quarters of my posterior, we ordered our food and have our long awaited ccccccccaaaaaaatching up of about 2 years.

I was surprised that it has been so long since we conatcted each other and my "sister" was able to deal a sacarastic "comment" that I will never ( and I should not embarrass myself by highlighting and bolding the word) contact her. It was then i confessed and she with a little bith of sheepishness that we both have classfied each other under the oh so cliche category known as "leisure" ( well at least that was what she classify me under now in her oh so obiang phone which had already been taken off M1 handphone promotional classified like eons ago) It is like we will contact each other when we inexplicitly scrolled up or down our contact list and realised that there was this name so familiar once but have not been contacting for like ages. Trust me, we belonged to that category now. We had a good laugh over it and was of course buys speculating when we will meet again after this dinner appointment. We laugh as possible scenarios were proffered such as my daughter's 1st month celebration, her wedding dinner ( which of course brought a flurry of comment about getting the best deal for whichever hotel's packages). Then again we promised each other we will again catch up during the period before christmas. Maybe we can then gave each other our belated birthday gifts. ( hoope she is reading this...)

We talked about everything and it was such a feeling to just share about things. From her boyfriend, to my wife, from our mutual friends to her ex-classmates to my colleagues, from our beliefs and aspirations and trepidations. I told her I was not really a free thinker but a think-freer- Someone who can oipen thoughts and provoke thinking and she laughed. It was such a hearty laugh and i found myself smiling. It has been a really difficult week for me for deep inside me there were so many things, doubts and frustrations that is circling. It was easy to pretend nothing has happen and just smile, but I did just that that evening. It was a great dinner, a getaway and short 2 hour mental spa. But sad to say it didn't really last. Just like the pan fired dory fish and the miserly piece of brownie. But then I was glad to meet up.

It was a great dinner and to know people do care.

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