Saturday, April 16, 2005

Let's talk about unfairness

Recently I have been reserving my caustic opinions due to
1) tiredness
2) lethargy and
3) plain laziness.

But I realized that I have been pretty preoccupied on some of the things that made me lose the distinctiveness of the blog- remember U once say that it will be an organ to complain and talk about MY UNHAPPINESS on issues which I feel totally DISGUSTED about.. Maybe I have been too bust to have an opinion. (If there is a description for that) But then again, the interesting thing about Singaporeans as compared to Israelis is that "Israel has five million people, six million entrepreneurs and 15 million opinions. Singapore has five million people, six entrepreneurs and one opinion.". So I guess we need to take risk a little But we have to be careful, just like on a traffic junction, it is not the Red Man, Green Man, but the White Man you need to look out for.

As the teacher in charge of the Track and Field team in a top school in Singapore ( anyway what the heck! All of you know what school I am from) It is perhaps sickening to know that we will be busy scavenging for the second and third or even fourth place come the July National School championships. I spend the whole Saturday afternoon at the National Junior Championships and there is this particular elitist school which is dominating the sport scene, Call me a sore loser if you like but I feel that it is really playing on unfair grounds. Many people had been crying out loud (which account for the bad rain recently) on the unfairness that the Sport School’s domination had become. but then again I digress. What is the very point of asking the student to compete when we know that the SSS (Triple ASS if you would put it) is going to sweep the championships. They have become the team that everyone love to hate and people that everyone are clamouring to beat. People just hate winners but I believe that this is just another display of elitism.

But then again, having the sport schools had its merits. Singapore had been trying in vain to create the next generation of local athletes without depending on foreigners, maybe it would be a good start, but I shuddered at the fact that people would start to pigeonhole talents especially with the formation of elitist schools like this.

Talking about the SSS, these people train a shocking eleven times a week and they have physios, nutritionists, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, pom pom carrying cheerleading parents ( who literally screams their lungs out every time and of course busting the ear drums of the innocent spectators who were there watching a good race). I am not saying that it is wrong to be good but to really “unlevel” the level playing field especially at their teenage years is something totally unfair and unexpectable.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against elitism, just to make sure that democratic fanatics are going to chastise and put me on a cross on the remarks that smacks/reeks of communism. I am a believer of meritocracy and this issue of fairness but it is already an uphill battle trying to get committed students to spend their afternoons training/running on the rubber tracks and it will not help if another school were to come along offering more money, more opportunities for your kids who have natural athletic ability. But then again where does this put the rest of the schools- second and third fiddles, or really just a sad admission to the rest of the schools that your kids are just not good enough? What type of messages are we giving to the kids? Are we going to teach and expose the kids to elitism at such an age when they will experience it in the rest of the working life and existence? The experiential process of fast ageing is something that I do not ascribe to. Perhaps the thrill of being the underdog and beating the “S***” of the SSS will be the mantra of the rest of the athletic community. Is that the kind of patriotism we want to inculcate in the students of Singapore?

I don’t really have an answer for it, Maybe I am just a sore loser trying to verbalise my bruised ego of a lack of athletic ability...

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